Monday, August 4, 2014

Taiwan,Taichung Mission: last movecall on the mission

Dear family and friends,

        Guess who is moving again for the last movecall? Me~!!! President called me and SIster Worthington on Saturday to tell us that since both of us are going home at the same time, he has to separate us so I have been sent here to Tainan. We figured one of us will move this time but I never expect I will be the one who move especially I just moved to Zhang Hua 6 weeks ago and Sister Worthington has been there for the past 6 months. I was surprised but feel peace with the movecall after saying a prayer. I wasn't sure what does the Lord want me to learn here in Tainan for the last movecall. I am excited though because I have been to Tainan 3 times for exchanges about half year ago, and my companion is Sister Bell. She is from Park City. She is famous for her happy smile and easy going personality. 

       So last week was an eventful week and probably my favourite week since I've been in Zhang Hua. We enjoyed having a duan chuan (temp missionary), Chu JM with us that has strong faith and testimony. My favourite part was doing Dan Jonesing in front of the train station as requested from our duan chuan. It reminded me when we first arrived in Taiwan, we have to do the Dan Jonesing in a busy night market to tell everyone about our testimonies of the gospel on a little stool. 
         This week, our 10 y.o investigator, Jenny had her baptism last Friday. Her mum who was an LA of ours came to church on Sunday for the 1st time after 5 years being less active. Hopefully, her daughter example will influence her mum and they will come to church together every week. It really testified the important of finding family and help them join the church together so they can strengthen each other.

         Another big miracle: Amber finally accept a baptism goal on the 9/27. I'm not sure have I tell you guys about Amber but she is our investigator and has been investigated the church for several months. She told the sisters before that don't give her baptismal goal yet because it will make her feel stress. So the sister missionaries before kind of not wanting to push her for it. But this last movecall, we realised she is ready for a goal and she needs to have something to aim for so that she can progress. We decided to give her a baptism goal before I leave Zhang Hua so there will be a good handover for Sister Worthington and her new companion. We were in tears when Amber finally accept the goal! Not trying to be self righteous or anything but I honestly feel that the Lord sent me to ZhangHua so that I can help Amber progress a little further. 

Well, since we got to Tainan late (member drive us but there was really bad traffic) , we have to cut an hour off from emailing time because it's actually past 6pm. 

Sorry, I still don't have picture from my camera this week because I haven't got my SD got fix. I'll probably buy a new SD card for this movecall if I can't get it fix here. 

Love you guys, have a good week. 

SIster Ting

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