Monday, July 28, 2014

Taiwan, Taichung Mission:Week

                                              Chinese eyes and American eyes....LOL​

Dear family and friends,

         What's new from you guys this week? So I went to the temple today which was really nice. Since missionary life is always on the go, I really appreciate time when I can sit down quietly and ponder. Where else is better than doing that in the House of the Lord, right?! I met this cute friendly old lady in the temple. She asked me where I was from and I told her I came from Malaysia. She saw my surname is Chen which is same as her in Chinese, she gave me a hug and pulled me aside to tell me that we would like to give me and my companion a bag of cookies that she made. I was a little surprised and unexpected that but gratefully accept. Then later I found out she happened to be my trainer's trainer, SIster Su's grandma . I don't know why she chose to give our companionship the cookies but that is sure a bonus treat going to the temple this time. 

          Lately I have been feeling so rush with everything that I don't really have a lot of time to think what has really happened that day and what has I learned that day. I don't really like this feeling. I'm grateful for this movecall being with Sister Worthington though because I learned that when I rush, I stress and make me feel low spiritual. At first I thought this is one thing that I need to get use to being on exchanges every week with different sisters, then I realized if rushing actually make me feel less efficient, why do I want to plan for such a tight schedule that make me feel stress? So I decided from this week on, we will plan better that allow us to actually have time to BREATH! 

          Miracle: We have a less active member whose daughter, Jenny, is leaning the gospel with us now. Because the dad wasn't a member and we heard the dad doesn't really like her to get baptised so the missionaries before us didn't really continue teaching her until recently we invited the daughter to church with us (which the mum really hope the gospel will change her rebellious behaviour), she came with us for a couple weeks now. Every week she went home from church and shared with her mum what she learned and she actually would like to be baptised. The other day, the mum tell us she doesn't mind Jenny to be baptized this month and the husband doesn't need to know about it yet. So pray that everything will go smoothly and Jenny will have her baptism next week =) 

Well, I run out of time again. Hope you guys have a great week. 

With love, 
Sister Ting

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