Friday, September 5, 2014

Taiwan, Taichung mission: Week 52

Dear family and friends,

     Happy Independance's Day for Malaysia yesterday~~

 It has been a wonderful week! See so many miracles on exchanges especially seeing the power of prayer with faith really bring down the power Heaven. the 2 exchanges I went on including with my old companion Sister Grigg! Man, it was such a good exchange! So proud to see her leading the area like she has no fear and nothing can stop her. We are both grateful for the time we were together 2 movecalls ago that help us grow so much and used what we've learned in the new companionship and area we serve after that. Having a day to be companion the other day and see the change in ourselves make us wonder what will happen if we are companion again.

   Just want to share a new way of looking at companion after an exchange with Sister Defranchi (from France). She told me that she felt like companion on mission is like a see-able holy Ghost because they are always with you, they comfort you when you are sad, encourage when you are low in spirit, warn you when you are in danger and want to leave you when you are disobedience. I never really think of it that way and that make me cherish my companion even more!

Miracle: So I was on exchange with Sister Defranchi in her area. Since she hope to find more investigators during exchanges, we decided to pray every 30 mins for the whole day and talked with EVERYONE in our path. The first night, we talked to many good people and some were willing to give us their numbers to contact them again when they are 'less busy'. Sister Defranchi was a little disappointed that we didn't see the miracle we want to see by the time we got home. The next morning, before we get out of the door, we prayed that we will be able to find one new investigator together before I went back to my own area. We totally met a self-contact investigator at the church 2 hours before the exchange finished. While we were waiting for a less-active member, we saw this lady riding her scooter into our church and seems a little lost. We asked if we can help her, she said she came back from America couple weeks ago and she saw this church nearby her house and has wanted to find out the opening time so she can come to church! We totally set up a return appointment to meet that afternoon! I know that the Lord hears our prayer that morning and according to our righteous desire and hard work, He gives us that miracle!!

      So, since I was on last movecall, I can call to some of the recent converts (RCs) and close less-active members that I worked with on my mission. On Saturday I found out that Yang Jm, the new covert member I taught in Daya went to the temple to do ordinances for her parents who were deceased. That just make me feel so happy because that was her goal when we taught her-- to help her parents to receive the gospel too.

Lastly, just want to say sorry that I was pretty bad recently in sending pictures home. I got some good pictures in my new SD card BUT today I forgot to bring my camera =(
I promised, I will write less and more pictures next week =)

Love you all,
SIster Ting

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