Sunday, August 3, 2014

Taiwan, Taichung mission: Week 50

Dear family and friends,

         Happy end of July~ according to the Chinese calander, the seventh month just started and the gate of hell just open 2 days ago (traditional belief) so many hungry ghost will come up from hell to look for food. Very interesting belief and I think my dear companion is going to do more research on where this belief come from when she return home. haha... she is pretty curious. 

       It has been a pretty intense week. We had interview with President, typhoon week,  trying to help our "duan chuan"  Sister Huang have a good missionary experience week, and more exchanges with the sisters in the zone. One thing that I got really bad at now is riding in the car/bus. I got really bad car sick. I think it's because I was riding on the bike most of the time so being in the car or bus make me feel sick and dizzy. 

       I love going on exchanges with the sisters in the Zone! This week, I went to Nantou to be with SIster Harper. I knew her from previous zone and finally get to work with her for a day. One thing that I learned from her is constantly seeking for improvement. A very humble missionary. 

This week I was still working on how to get the balance in the work. Feel like this is something that I keep searching for throughout the whole mission. I always feel like if I'm doing good in certain parts of the work, I also neglect the others. I realized that I start complaining more and easy to see things that we're lack of doing instead of things that we've already done better when I keep wanting everything to be perfect. I read an article in Liahona this morning regarding work -attitude effects everything: "Complaining never took away the job; it just took away the satisfaction and many of the blessings of doing it." I know I need to repent and continue to let things go if they are out of my control. 

 PS: Thanks for my sister, Sharon for putting my weekly email up on the blog! I love her so much! 

With love, Sister Ting 

​SAfe and sound back from the terrible Typhoon Day. It was a fun, funny ride up to a less active member's house with rain pouring down, wind blowing into our face. Sister Huang thought her bagpack is waterproof until we got back to the chapel and realised it wasn't! Everything inside is soaking wet. Poor thing.

Sister Worthington's ward sent her a cow head. Apparently if you dress like a cow to Chickfila, a restaurant near her house, you get free meal. Her ward didn't want her to miss out the Cow month even on her mission!

Our dear "duan chuan" SIster Huang.... she is really a wonderful young women with determination and pure heart. I learned a lot from her childlike personalities. Sometimes being in the field and getting older, I need young women like her to remind me of how important to have a young heart. Haha

All the sisters that ever taught her. Some of us still in the mission, couple others went home, 2 come back from Taipei to see her new born day. 

Our miracle baptism-- Sister Hu, she is really a true convert. Continue to participate in the church for almost 2 years without a lot of support from family is not easy for a 17 years old girl!

A week of missionary experience ended quickly for our "duan chuan".All our short term missionaries have returned with honour!!! 

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