Monday, July 21, 2014

Taiwan, Taichung mission: Week 49

Dearest family and friends, 

          Wow, another week just zoom passed. I felt like i don't have enough time to do most things that I wanted to do. My companion, Sister Worthington is definitely a go gettor and just always full of energy eventhough you can tell she is tired. Such a good example. I told her that I am getting old so I don't has as much energy as I used to...hehe. One night, both of us got home and talked about what a crazy busy day and both of us just felt falling apart soon. The main reason is probably because we have so much travelling to do each week with companion exchanges with different sisters in our Zone. I really don't know how sister Worthington can do this for almost 3 movecalls now. I just pray that I will be able to get more energy each day to do the Lord's work. In fact, that's the first thing that I pray everyday for the past week. 

          Anyway, it has been nice warm days for most of the days this week. We gonna has typhoon this week, hopefully not gonna be too bad. So this week one of the coolest thing happened is that we got permission to go to a family award concert that organised by our church. The family award is given to couple citizen in Taiwan that has contribute to the society and cherished the value of family. There was this father who was a weight lifting trainer and he has 17 fosters kids/trainee that he and his wife take care of. Not only he provides them meals and train them, he also teach them good values in life and important of family. Another award winner was family history collector. He values and really encourage people to do family history so they can know the their ancestors and help family to be more united. All of these winners are not members of the church yet they have similar perspective on family value like our church did. 

           The miracle this week:One of our investigator overcome parental oppose to be baptised!  So Sister Hu is 16 and has been a long term investigator for 2 years, she come to church and activity every single week but due to mum and grandma Fandui, she can only wait until 18 before she can make her own decision to be baptised.  We has been planning to have a good talk with mum this week to find out what are her worries since she give her daughter ride to church for the past 2 years, also to help her know what baptism means exactly. However, on Sunday, Hu JM showed us her mum's signature on the baptismal paper and told us she can be baptised this Saturday! She had her interview (the 3rd one) that afternoon and passed. So she is getting baptise this Saturday! We asked her how does this happened, she told us she has been praying about her baptism this whole week and decided to ask mum again. She was surprised too when the mum said yes. I know the Lord loves her so much that He soften her mum's heart so she can enjoy the full blessings of the gospel!! I also gained a testimony that as we do our very best, the Lord will bless us with different unexpected way. All He wants is that we put in our effort and work to show our faith, he will help us with the rest. The greatest lesson I've learned on my mission: Trust in God and do all that we can, everything will work out.

Well, I would like to invite you all to put your trust in God and do all that you can to achieve your goal. I promised you will see the hands of the Lord in your life. 

With love, SIster Ting

What happen this week...? See below.

We were lost at up on a small hill and saw this beautiful scene of Zhang Hua City... tender mercy of the Lord.
Making cookies activity: Sister Worthington taught us how to make no bake cookies.

Heart attack a member's house. 

The Morphis family from Canada. They came to Taiwan for travelling plus performed in the family award concert. Sister Worthington and I pretend to be the excited fans ^^

By the way we have a Duan Chuan, Huang JM for a week to experience the life of missionary. A little like the missionary camp in Australia. ​

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