Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Taiwan, Taichung mission: Week 46

Hello dear family and friends, 

          HAPPY BELATED TO my dad, Leighton, Gary, Bishop Crosley and ALL the dads out there (you know who you are ^.^)  I didn't realised it was the 3rd Sunday last week! Also, not trying to find excuses, the father's day in Taiwan is next month! I always wonder why is that the Mother's Day is the same throughout the world but the Father's day are not?! Someone out there can tell me that?! Anyway, it has been a pretty busy week. We have more lessons and able to find 2 new investigators. Pray that they will continue to learn the gospel from us. I know that we are blessed to be able to have good amount of people to teach here in Taiwan compare to some countries where findings are hard. I pray for those missionaries and invited members to work with missionaries. Those are the most effective ways. 

       I was reading in book of Alma , the war part. I has always been wonder why the war stories are in there and what will we learn from the war. Lately I find it fascinated to read them because I have all these imaginary pictures in my mind which reading it which make it less boring to read. I also learned that though they are having real war but it applies to us too because we are in the battle field of Spiritual war. Captain Moroni always came up with greater ideas to fortified their cities although The Lamanites also getting came up with good ideas to fight the Nephites. It's like us and Satan. Satan uses new ways to pull us away from Christ, but the church leaders also give us better counsels each conference to fortify ourselves spiritually. So those of you who think the war stories in Alma is boring, ponder how it can apply in your lives? 

     Miracle: We got 2 investigators that we didn't even expect but we know as we continue to work diligently, eventhough we don't always receive the success from the way we do findings, the Lord blessed us in a different ways. I learned that it is not about the to have the better skill at findings or things we are ask to do (though sometimes being competent is needed), but as long as we use faith to just do it, we see the miracles!

Sorry, this week I only have an hour for email time because we are going to a theme park (my companion is so excited about getting on those rides!) which gonna take some times to travel there. Love you all and wish you all have a good better best week. ;)

​~ I love them~ All my companion throughout my mission: SIster Grigg (now), Sister Hsu (my trainee), Sister Chen (MTC companion)

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Anonymous said...

Sister Ting,

You look and sound like you are thriving! It makes me want to go back and read more of your blog posts - I will do! Thank you for what you shared about the Lamanites and Moroni about attacking and fortifying, such a simple yet powerful little lesson and know that I really appreciated it. You are certainly a person who I look forward to having a long chat about this invaluable experience of yours on your return xo

Michelle G