Sunday, June 8, 2014

Taiwan, Taichung mission: Week 45

Dear family and friends,

           Yay~ another good week had came and gone.The weather is getting warmer and wetter!  What a busy week because of moving into a new apartment. Our previous landlord wanting to sell the house so the mission office moved us into a new apartment that is just 5 minutes ride from the chapel! So good~~ 
Who would guess moving house will takes so much effort --- for the elders at least since they are the one moving all the heavy stuff. Sister Grigg and I tried to make the work lighter to the elders by carrying our own luggage down to the old apartment. But we are sisters, there are only so much we can do when it comes to moving, so no judging! 
          At first it stressed me out that everything is kind of messy and unclean. As we don't have a lot of time to clean up the apartment on the move day, we spent sometimes cleaning up and get everything into right position the next 2 mornings. As soon as we cleaned up the apartment, I felt so good and uplifted. It really testified to me how important  to make our apartment clean and live-able. Like we has always been taught in the church,  a clean environment will really invite the Spirit of God! My favourite part of moving into a new place is listening to the dedicatory prayer because you know you are living in a place that being blessed and protected by the Lord. 

        Miracle: On Sunday during the 3rd hour, a member came to us and introduced us to her daughter's friend's mum and asked her to accompany her because it was her 1st time at church. Since this was a good opportunity to let her see the RS, we invited her to come in with us. However, she politely declined our invite and said she will just wait at the foyer for her daughters .So we stayed at the foyer with her to get  to know her better. Then took her on a church tour. Through the conversation we had with her, she doesn't seems too interested about learning. Though feeling doubtful in my heart, I at last gathered up my courage to ask if we can meet with her again to teach her about the message of Christ. To my surprise, she said yes and set up a time with us on Thursday. Once again, I testified when we use our faith to do it, miracles from God happens. Loving the miracles that I see from God when I use my faith each day. 

Moving into new apartment:

Sister Grigg pushed me on the moving cart​. You can tell how heavy I am by her look!

It still amazes me that a small van can fit half of our apartment stuff in there! Way to go 長老們!​

On Sunday night, we were invited to the YSA family home evening to gave a short presentation of​ using FB to share the gospel. The bishop of another ward was also giving a presentation of how members can use online resources or websites to share about our belief (missionary work). I just love the some of the ideas that he mentions and think how can members not able to do it when it's so simple. One of them is : when someone (members or FB missionaries) shared gospel related message on FB, just click a "like" or "share", as simple as that! Most of the time, the people who don't understand about Mormon, not really keen on going to the church official websites like or to find out our religion. They prefer to hear about the messages/news related to church or testimonies from their friends, family or even strangers. If we think about it, that's true because we sometimes feel that way too! I'm sure many of you will at least be on facebook, twitter, blog, instagram etc (whatever new social webpage there are out in the world now) for at least once a day. I would really like to invite members who read my email this week will be able to use these online resources that God gives us to do missionary work! ^.^

The YSA for 3 wards making dessert for us missionaries! (Ice-cream with Marshmallow, fruits and M&M)

​We love the ice-creammm especially summer is here!

​I love you guys, 
Sister Ting

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