Monday, June 2, 2014

Taiwan, Taichung mission: Week 44

Dear precious family and friends, 

        Another week that went by really fast. Since it was new movecall, nothing much change in our districts except we have a new district leader (DL), Elder Pihl. Our previous DL, Elder Hu has moved to another zone to be Zone leader there. So our district has no more local Taiwanese missionary, although many people always assumed I'm the "beng di" missionary which means Taiwanese missionary until they heard my weird Malaysian accent. Haha. Also, my companion and I has been assigned as English teacher for Beginning class. This is the first time I'm teacher an adult class on my mission! I'm a little nerveous because I was either being children class teacher or doowmen before. Not that I'm not confident with my English (or maybe) but I think they trusted my companion English more than mine since she is from America. So apart from being a facebook missionary, being an adult English class teacher is something new. 

       Last saturday, our stake has a Jia Pu (family history) exhibition plus auction. They have this every year and they donated the fund received from the auction and food selling to an organization that is building a vegetative centre in Ping Dong. It was a cool experience to participate in something so meaningful on my mission. Our church indeed is a church of service. My companion and I were helping a member with the one of the exhibition activity. I wish everyone that came get to understand why our church is so focus on family history. It's really not hard to invite the Taiwanese to come because they are so focus on worshiping their ancestors so we just use a different approach to help them see our method of respecting and helping our ancestors through the gospel. 

        Spiritual experience: This week we try to put more time into findings and wanted to try different creative ways to do findings this week. I do feel a little stress with not a lot of success with findings and many rejections. So I turned to the stress book and saw a suggested verse in D&C 127: 2. It was letter of Joseph Smith's experience. His quoting from Paul in Bible " to glory in tribulation" really comfort my heart and motivated me. Compared to Joseph's experience, mine is really just a "small case". If his dealings with trials/tribulations becomes his second nature, then I will make dealing findings and rejections with courage and hope my second nature as a missionary.

         Oh yea, regarding being a facebook missionary, I am creating a new FB account just for my missionary work. It's okay to add my new account if you are already on my old one. However, since I only have about half an hour each day, we are encourage to only talk to investigators, new members, or less-active members in our area. So with friends or family who want to communicate with me, still encourage to do so through emailing. Invite: if you happens to know anyone that is in Taiwan and has interest in knowing the gospel, suggest my facebook to them or vice versa. 

Love you guys, have a great week!
Sister Ting

What did Jesus Christ do for us? Answers--> we are holding them!​

A well turn out.​

Baking cookies activity with our RCs at YSA family home evening.​
The district!​

Missionary performance~~​

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