Monday, June 2, 2014

Taiwan, Taichung mission: Week 43

Dear family and friends,

       Guess what?! It's a new movecall but neither my companion and I moved. I guess there are definitely more for us to learn together. Our companionship are getting better and better in unity. I am grateful for her humbleness and willing to put up with my imperfection. Also, we are both facebook missionaries! I don't know much about what we have to do and what are the limitation on communicating with friends or family back home. I'll find out more this week so wait on to my next email ;)

         Tina's baptism: A BAPTISM THIS WEEK! What other miracle better than helping a soul to understand what the Lord has done for her and give her a chance to start over! I felt really grateful for the Lord allowing me to be one of the person who guide her on this road. I know Tina and I will continue to be good friend throughout eternity, not just this life.

      This week, I read an article in Liahona during personal study, it mentioned something that strengthen my faith more. It talked about we passed ALL the TESTS and use our faith in premortal life before we came to the earth. Our reward  from being obedience and faithful in pre-earth life were to come to this earth life to receive our body. I guess I never really think too much about how we choose to follow Christ until I read this that I realised I've done the similar thing that I am doing now before this life. I used my faith and obedience to went through those tests there. Now, I just need to use the same faith in Christ to return to our Heavenly Father. Knowing that allows me to have more confident and faith and determination to pass all the trials and tests here on earth as I've done it before! I have a better view about trials now from the eternal perspective. How grateful I am to know the restored gospel.
Hope you guys have a great week. I'm so excited to be a facebook missionary~~ hopefully is not a stressful thing to do.

Love, Sister Ting

Tina's baptism. She is so beautiful.

After the baptism, we went to celebrate her "reborn". We somehow ordered a gigantic shave ice. Takes great effort to finish them!

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