Monday, April 7, 2014

Taiwan, Taichung mission: Week 34

Dear family and friends,

        It has been a good week in DaYa. The ward is pretty well established and they are actually working towards having another stake in the area so Da Ya will be one of the key wards that has potential to split into 2 wards. It is probably one of the biggest ward I've served in since my mission (another one is my born place a.k.a first ward I served in during training). It definitely has been a while since I last been in a big ward like this. The chapel is newly built just half year ago and it is the stake centre. I am still trying to get to know the needs of the ward, the members, investigators etc as soon as I can so I can be part of the ward. They also have good resources like family history centre, counsel for occupation service that we can introduce to our RC/LA. I am excited to be part of the ward now (Yes, the missionaries are part of the ward eventhough we only stop for a couple months! )

Small miracle moment:
One small miracle of the week : We were trying to visit a RC who is semi-active. She wasn't at home. But we end up bumping into a former, Guo Jm, who was supposed to be baptized in Feb (According to sis.Rohling, she didn't answered her phone for 2-3 weeks before the baptism and they didn't know what happens and don't know where she lives.) She happened to lives in the same complex with the RC. She invited us to her house and we had to good time talking to her and get to know her family too. We try to set up appointment with her so we can help her with the concern she has regarding baptism. So pray that it will happen this week. 

Spiritual realization:         
The other morning during companionship study, Sister Rohfling and I discussed about the how the gospel make a difference in people's lives when they go through trials. Yes, people who doesn't have the gospel of Christ in life can still survive and come out from the trials/afflictions/tribulations. But many times, they come out broken, not whole, having trusting issues etc. However, for those who has the gospel in life and apply them, though trials happened, they come out learnt and grown and with a grateful heart to see things in a new perspective. I am truly grateful to have the RESTORED gospel of Christ in my life. I know this life is just a short but precious moment for us to prepare to meet God. 

Well, I hope all of you will have a good week! I've received a couple unexpected emails this week which I am grateful for you all to take time to read my weekly email and write encouraging words. I hope through my email home every week, I will be able to help you feel a little if not fully how I felt about my mission and perhaps learn and grow with me throughout my mission. 

I love you all,
SIster Ting 

I absolutely love this English style little purse that was hand-made by a member in Dou Liu, Li JM for me.I just love her. She is one of the member that make me  would not want to go anywhere else but stay in Dou Liu. 

Time to introduced my dear new companion Sister Marrisa Rohfling know that I know her a little more:
She is half Japanese and half American. Grown up in Hawaii her whole life apart from going to college somewhere near Washington D.C. She is gorgeous as you guys can see from the picture. She also sings very well that she has a recording on church youth website (yeap, like I said before, all my companions either can sing or play instruments well.) 
She is very humble and teachable. Very willing to learn as much as she can to help her become a good missionary. She studied law in women studies before coming on her mission. She prays a lot. I've never met anyone so far that pray as much as her. Apparently that's what her trainer told her too. I'm grateful I can be her second companion. 

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