Monday, February 24, 2014

Taiwan, Taichung mission: Week 32

Dear family and friends,

          This week has been pretty busy since we have power week and also different events that we have been invited to attend. During the power week, we have to try our best to achieve some different mission goals throughout the week, such as power book of Mormon day, power, talking to families day, power baptism invitation day etc. It really keep us busy throughout the week. 
Just a small miracle that happened on Tuesday when we have a power book of Mormon day-- As my companion and I were about to leave the chapel after dropping off something for the elders, there was a lady walk into our chapel and look for foreign missionary for help. She wondered if one of us who are good at English can record an English children story for her son so he can pronounce it the right way for a story telling contest. Elder Dawson offered to help but we think it's a good opportunity to take her on the church tour so we waited for a while. Long story short, we took her on the church tour and at the end gave her a Book of Mormon. She agreed to meet with us again this week so we'll see if she is the prepared soul ^^

On Saturday we were asked to help out with the youth missionary day in Jia Yi district. We were all paired up with one youth and take them out to do street contact for 2 hours. My 2 hours companion is Sister Xiao from Jia Yi. She is only 17 y.o and did a great job. The first person we contacted at a traffic light told us she passed by the chapel a couple times and curious what it looks like inside but never really dare to go in by herself. We told her we can totally take her on a church tour if she has time. Though she couldn't make it right then, she agreed to meet with us (though I won't really be there consider it wasn't my area) on Wednesday. I thanked the Lord for giving us that experience because it gave Sis. Xiao more courage to talk to next people that we met on the road. 

Sunday! I just love yesterday. We had a missionary devotional and it was presiding by Bishop Gary Stevenson who serves in Presiding Bishopric of the church. He and his wife both gave really inspired talks that make me felt so uplifted. Sister Stevenson invited all of us to be PRO to Heavenly Father by doing 3 things each day : 1. Pray over and over 2.Read scriptures time after time 3. Obey again and again. And after we have done this each day, we gives a thumb up to each other who also committed to do it. I love it! And this is my invitation for each of you this week: Share with your family and friends, do it with them and give each other a thumb up when you see them each time to let them know you've done it! 

Well, that's pretty much the juice of the week. It might be my last week in Dou Liu because it is the last week with training Sister Hsu. Since I've been here for a while they will most probably move me. So if you want to know where is my next area, wait up for my email ;)

Love you all and hope you have a super good week with the Lord blessings,
Sister Ting 

Power Week cleaning on Monday~~ our apartment is GRAND! 

My companion, Sister Xiao for 2 hours on youth missionary day. She is cute and bubbly.

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