Sunday, February 16, 2014

Taiwan, Taichung mission: Week 31

Dear family and friends, 

       Chinese new year is coming to an end. It has been a good fun time being able to celebrate with our Taiwanese members and get to know their family better. Unfortunately, there was too much food and in our district most missionary were sick, either food poison or gastroenteritis.  I was one of those that has food poison, but I'm all good now with lots of electrolytes drinks and rest and , of course, the priesthood blessing too. 

         The weather last week was perfectly nice. Not too hot nor too cold. But it seems like the cold is coming again :( 

        I've received many more birthday cards this week (some mails were delays giving it was Chinese New YEar holidays last week, so post office was close.) Especially thanks to Sharon and Yi Yi for sending beautiful dress and skirt. Also, the birthday drawings from Firle ward primary. I just feel so grateful and "xin fu". 

      It has been a busy week with many travel, trains and walks. We have zone training meeting which absolutely inspired. We seems to have the best zone leaders! Next day was interview with President Blickenstaff. Another inspired interview that let me see what a charitable and Christlike leader my mission president is. Then, I went to Tainan for an exchange with Sister Training leader. It was a fun and miracle exchange. I really see how important and powerful a lesson can be when both companions contribute 50-50 to the lesson.

Something that I love from my mission president's letter this week:
"Heavenly help is available to each of us and is just a prayer away." 

I know this to be true. I've always thought I trusted the Lord before my mission but what I've realised since being out here is that I didn't trust and rely on him enough. The counsel of prophet Alma becomes more real to me. In Alma 37:37 pointed out " Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings, and he will direct thee for good..." It is true that the Lord would like us to counsel him with all doings, either it be big or small decisions. If I rely on the Lord enough, I will counsel Him in all my doings, because I know that no matter what it is, He will provide me with answers that lead to my benefit. Not saying that we let God control everything for us. We still have our agency to choose if we want to follow the answer we receive. 

Sorry no pictures this week. My SD card has virus again so need to be fixed! Urrgg... whoever created the virus needs to repent!

Love you all, and hope you have a great week ahead.

Sister Ting

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