Sunday, February 16, 2014

Taiwan, Taichung mission: Week 30

Dear family and friends,

   新年快乐, 恭喜发财~ How are you all this week? I am having a happy time celebrating Chinese New Year. Super stuffed from all the meal appointments we have for the past few days. If I have to describe the past 4 days, it will be : just keep eating and eating and eating. There was a day that literally the only reason we keep going out is because of the meal appointments. Haha. We were treated for breakfast, then came home for weekly planning, then out for lunch appointment, then home to finish off weekly planning, then out again branch President house for new year meal. It was up to a point that my companion and I consider maybe we should power walk to meal appointments so we feel more hungry when we got there and street contact at the same time. 

Well, there is the fun part about Chinese New Year. The sad part is everyone is busy with "Guo Nian" so no one is willing to meet during this time or some travel back to their hometown. I cannot wait for this coming week when we can finally set up proper lesson appointments with different people. 

Spiritual part:
This week I study in 2 Nephi 11, which Jacob used "my soul delighteth in..." a few times. It helps me to think a lot this week about this question: "what does my soul delighteth in?" Is it something righteous and of God? or am I delighted in worldly unimportant thing that doesn't help with my eternal salvation. I find this a good way to assess my own worthiness and righteousness. 

I invite you will also consider this question this week and pray that we will all be delighted in things that pleases our Heavenly Father. 

Many pictures to share this week so enjoy ~~ ^ ^

 My first "hong bao" in Taiwan from "He mama" , our recent convert. 

 We had reunion dinner with He mama and her family ;)

Some of you who are in Morialta or Firle ward might remember who Elder Chen is. Yes,he found me !LOL  He and his family passed by the area I serve on the way return home for CNY, so they invited us for dinner. Though it's weird to see friend that I know before mission, it was good to see them :)

As promised last week--my birthday pictures. 

I have the sweetest District missionaries!!! At first I thought that green cake was a frog but it was Dragon. I bet Elder Long picked this because his chinese surname is  (dragon).

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