Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Taiwan, Taichung mission: Week 26

Hi Everyone~

       So it's a whole new year! Happy 2014!!!! Nothing much happens to me on New Year's Eve apart from I wasn't with my companion that night because we had an exchange with Sister Training leaders so my companion went to another city in TaiNan. I spent the night in my area with Sister Mckay who is going home in couple weeks. It was fun to see her again! 
        I continue to receive different packages from different people. I just felt sooooo thankful for all of you who think of me during this time of the year. Though it will take me a while to reply to some of you, please know that I am full of gratitude,so I want to show you the below picture:

Sorry this week I spend some time dealing with my camera memory card so I sort of run out of time to write more. (My card has virus and most of  my picture were being hid somewhere else, Nightmare!!!)
But I hope to know what have you guys been up to or anything new in the beginning of this new year? 

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