Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Taiwan, Taichung mission: Week 25

Dear All, 

      Happy New Year!!!! It's getting colder and colder~~~ I hope everyone had a good Christmas. I certainly have a miraculous Christmas with many loves and unexpected things happened. First of all, I get to talk with my mum and sister which was nice to see and hear their voice. Nope, I won't admit that I am feeling homesick or trunkie! Just feeling a little "what~~!!!" when they mentioned about their Chinese New Year trip. Haha. Also get to see my dear nephew for a couple mins. He has grown soooo much now. 
      So this week miracles including on Christmas day, after skyping with family and have lunch at the Chen's family, as we were on the way to visit a less-active member, we met couple people on the street that really nice and talked to us. When we invited them to learn about the message of Christ, they willingly left us their numbers. It was a surprised to us because in this area, not very often people are willing to give out their numbers when you tell them you want to teach them about another religion other than their traditional Buddism. 
At night, during our English class, we had another unplanned lesson with a non-member too. She came to our religion class (Institute) occasionally to learn about good doctrines but never really want to meet with missionaries. That night, my children's class have no student came and the Institute class was moved to another day but she didn't know so she came to the chapel. Long story short, I talked to her and mentioned about Plan of Salvation. Since she never heard of it and was interested to know about purpose of life, we end up teaching her the plan of Salvation that night. What a perfect lesson to teach on a Christmas day! 

Okay, for those who are reading this and not sure what Plan of Salvation is and would love to find out, please go to or to find out how you can contact missionaries that is in your area. Or ask family/friends that are members of the Church. 

This week I learn something new: 
 My companion and I have a discussion about forgiveness the other day and she told what she learn from her mum about forgiveness. "Forgiveness is a way of repentance." Because when we hold grudges, we are sinning for not forgiving the other person. Forgiveness is not for us to give, but only God can forgive our sin as it said in the Bible. So, as our part, we forgive others so we can repent of our sin and allow us to move on/progress. 

I know it is not Thanksgiving anymore, but I just felt so grateful in my heart this week so I decided to show you my gratitude through pictures.

Gratitude 1 :The Taiwan TAICHUNG Mission! We are the armies of Heavenly Father and I'm so proud to be part of it! Hope you can find me (4th one of the left of President Blickenstaff.)

One cold morning as we doing our companionship study, we realised both of us were sitting next to the heater like having a campfire. Gratitude 2: Thankful for a heater in the cold days.

Gratitude 3 : Christmas lunch at Chen's family... they not only let us used their skype to talk to our family but also make us a huge yummy lunch even though they don't really celebrate Christmas in Taiwan. 

Gratitude 4 : Christmas treats from the Clements in Adelaide (my companion asked me what they are and I was like they are chocolate, haven't you seen them before? Then I realised these are Aussie chocolates!) And also thank you to many other Christmas cards that I've received from friends and members in around worlds (sorry it will be too many to names but you know who you are ;)  

Gratitude 5: My beautiful and sweet sister, Sharon sent me a Christmas stockings and gifts! I love you so much!!! Thanks for the scarf. Everyone said it's beautiful. Thank you!

Gratitude 6: My companion's mum sent me an Arizona's shirt. 

Invitation for new year: Be thankful and forgive those who hurts you so you can come closer to God in a new year! 

Love you all and HAPPY NEW YEAR,
Sister Ting 

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