Friday, December 6, 2013

Taiwan, Taichung mission: Week 23

Dearest family and friends,

How's your thanksgiving? We had a good one at the McClellan. Sister Parkinson and I went to have big bowl of turkey rice which we regretted because we were still full by dinner time. 
It has been such a good week with many learning and growing opportunity. Elder Funk, the Asia area seventy came to visit our mission and train the missionaries. Couple weeks before he arrived, we has been asked to prepare talks about " how I as missionary gain spiritual power?" based on his talk at conference and President Blickenstaff will randomly selected a few missionaries to gave talks. Since I didn't think i will be picked, I didn't put too much of thought about it till the night before when my companion reminded me about it. So you guys can probably tell how nerveous I was when I was told that I will be one of the missionaries to give the talks. I was just grateful that I actually discuss a couple principals with my companion of Elder Funk's talk earlier the week. Lesson learnt: Always prepared well under each circumstances even if they don't seem probable. 

       Also, new movecall is coming up. I have been informed that I will be training the new missionary for these 2 movecalls and sister Parkinson will be leaning Dou Liu. I realised that I am very anxious about having to train some new missionaries. I felt like I just barely got to the island and still learning how to be a good missionary myself. I heard from some trainers that they find their weaknesses being exposed when they train. I just pray that the Lord will help me to be humble and love my new companion/trainee. 
My favourite quotes of this week that I read from conference talk: 

“Our most significant opportunities (to learn and grow) will be found in times of greatest difficulty.” - President Thomas S. Monson

Prayer experience:

Last night we had 2 self-contact who recognised us as missionaries and wanted to have church tour with us. At first I was feeling a bit reluctant because I always think self-contact is not sketchy. So I asked them what makes them have the desire to visit the church? The lady told us she felt a little empty in her heart and she just wanted to feel something more I guess. So we took them to the church and gave them a church tour, then my companion taught them how to pray. We also shared a quick lesson on plan of salvation as she wanted to know is there life after death. We aren't sure her real desire to learn about church but she said she will come to church meeting on Sunday. I guess in a way, the Lord has answered my prayer couple days ago about hoping to have investigator that will just walk in to the church and wanted to learn. I was feeling guilty after that prayer because I felt like I shouldn't ask for easiness rather strength to work harder. But the Lord still mercy enough to granted my prayer. 

It's Christmas month~~ I already heard couple plans from family or friends about the Christmas. They are wonderful plans and sounds super fun. 
Also, Let's not forget it is a great opportunity to look around and see who you can serve for the Saviour. 

With love, 
Sister Ivy Ting 

Definitely the best 6 weeks with her, sister Parkinson. 

Thanksgiving dinner/FHE at the McClellan. 

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