Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Taiwan, Taichung mission: Week 22

Dear family and friends, 

        Hey so I gonna keep this week letter a bit short and quick as I spent some times writing personal emails to family and friends this week. 

So couple things gonna happen this next week: 
My beloved sister, Sharon's Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! 
* Mission Tour - Elder Randy D. funk will be visiting our mission. He gave a powerful talk during the priesthood session in Oct Conference. So excited to hear from him again!
* Thanksgiving on Thursday!! Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating (Sharon and Leighton and all my American friends who is reading this)
* A ward movie night - we are watching 17 miracles again!! So excited to watch it again!!!!!!!

Spiritual moment: 

*Despite the low in finding new investigators, we had one of the most spiritual lessons with one of our investigator with baptism goal. We taught her about the plan of salvation this week. Before the lesson, Sister Parkinson and I both were a bit nerveous about the lesson because both of us want it to be a good lesson for her and make sure she has the desire to continue to learn more. When we started the lesson, I silently prayed again in my heart that the Lord will help me and sister Parkinson so we can testify by the Spirit. When we taught about the Atonement of Crhist, I had a feeling that I should let sister Parkinson took over at this point. And she taught beautifully about the Atonement of Christ, to my surprised,because I have never seen her speak so fluently especially a harder principle like this. She told me later, she prayed silently too when the lesson started that the Lord will help her with the language. Both of us knew, the spirit was there to help with the lesson. A testimony to me that no matter how good our gospel knowledge, skills or language, it didn't matter. The most important thing is when we rely on the Lord's spirit as we teach in the lesson, we can be sure that the investigator will feel it too. 
 * We sing "I am a child of God" to a lady and her daughter while carol tracting (knocking on doors and sing to them) just because we decided to help them feel the spiritual experience. They love it though they aren't interested. 

Funny/awkward moment: 
We knocked on a guy's door last night. sister Parkinson and I were talking about something funny earlier, so as he answered the door, I started telling him who are are and we have a happy message for him. Before I was able to finish my words, I started to giggle thinking of the funny thing my companion told me couple minutes ago. Then sister Parkinson continued for me and gave him the tract then she started giggle too because I couldn't stop giggling! This guy then started to giggle (probably thinking we looks so silly) and slowly wanted to close the door. We told him we would like to sing a short hymn to him. As we sing, I can see the door slowly close and I wasn't sure where I got the courage, but i put my hand in to keep the door from shutting. He laughed and said it's enough, it's enough, you girls sing well then close the door in front of us. Now thinking back, this is probably one of the funniest/most awkward moment on my mission so far. 

There is an awesome week ahead of us everyone! Hope you can share with me some happy moments of the week in the next email!!

Love you all,
Sister Ting

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