Thursday, November 14, 2013

Taiwan, Taichung mission: Week 21

Dear Beloved Family and Friends,

         It has been another awesome week for us. Sister Parkinson and I continue to work happily and diligently. It was a week full of meetings, events and activities.
The weather is super nice... cooling down but not cold at all! Also, I am the children's class English teacher now. (As much as I told Sister Haupt last time that I will not be the xiao peng you class teacher!) 

On Tuesday we have interviewed with President and Sister Blickenstaff. I just love them! President Blickenstaff is just always full of love and understanding when he speaks (being a doctor might contribute that too.) Whenever he had an interview with me, he always said: "you were a nurse weren't you? Did I tell you I just love nurses. I think they are such great helps. Wouldn't be able to do my job as a doctor without them." I kind of jokingly replied that I would love the doctors more when they have good handwriting. ^^Anyway, it was a good interview full of good and inspired suggestions and encouragements. Sister Blickenstaff make very good pumpkin cakes! She is so full of energy all the time. With her, it is more like a motherly and friend relationship. Oh, and finally get to see the blog of our mission during the interview waiting time. I wish we see it on my P-Day. PS: the website is http:/

   Wednesday it was Sister Parkinson's 21st birthday! Yay.  We have a very good zone meeting that day and at the end, everyone sang Happy Birthday to her. Then at night, we have English class. Before we went home, we have another short lesson with our investigator. When we came out from the room after the lesson, we saw a big cake on a desk in front of the room and everyone started singing happy birthday. It was a surprised cake from Sister Parkinson's english student. It was a pudding birthday cake. Yeap... fancy! ;) 

    Spiritual experience from last night:
So we were looking for an less active member's house last night that we never seen before. As we ride passed a small street, I saw a few apartment and had this strong feeling that we should stop to tract these apartment. Since we were short of time, I ignored the feeling and keep on riding. All the way to the LA's house, I continue to have this strong feeling. When we found out the LA is not at home, I told sister Parkinson how I felt. So right away, we ride back to that street to tract. There were only 4 apartments on that street. As I got down the bike, I heard in my mind: the 3rd door. I ignored the feeling again (Yes, I am pretty stubborn sometimes.) and think we should start from door 1. Both door 1 and 2 weren't at home so we knocked on the 3rd door. A guy in his mid-30 answered the door. We told him who we are and would like to share a short message about Jesus Christ with him. He think for a few seconds and at last invited us in BUT since he is single, we couldn't go in. So we talked to him more at the door. I told him the strong impression I had to knocked on his door and does he knows why the Lord sent us to his door? He was surprised too and told us just couple weeks ago, his aunt passed away. At the funeral, his cousin (who recently became christian) told him a lot about Jesus Christ and also prayed with him. He started to feel curious about the religion and wanted to know about Christ. He agreed to let us refer him to the elders in our area. This is one of the few strong impression I received from the Spirit. Though not knowing how things will turn out for him, I am certain the Lord has a plan for this Zhang xian sheng or he needs the power of the gospel some times in his life , thus sent us to his door last night. I am grateful for this experience that allow me to be humble and learnt that I need to act upon the promptings of the Spirit quickly. 

Well, I guess it is pictures time: 

Sister Parkinson opening up her presents from family on her birthday morning.

Thinking about her 2nd birthday wish! 

 The student who bought the Pudding Cake. He has been attending church English Class for years.

This is one of the funniest picture of the week!

Have one of the best week to you all!!! Please know that you are in my prayer every night!

Love, Sister Ting

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