Thursday, November 14, 2013

Taiwan, Taichung mission: Week 20

Dear family and friends,

        Thanks the emails for this week. I felt love and grateful for having such wonderful people in my life. I am feeling great this week in my new area, Dou Liu. It is definitely more people to talk and invite to learn about the gospel compared to Qi Shan since it is the main city for Yun Lin State. 
I am still getting to know the way around the area and learn the names of the members and their callings. Guess this is how missionary life is like: moved to new area, get to know new companion, new members, new routes. It's fun. And I think compared to when I first got to Taiwan, I am better at remembering road names. 
      Thank goodness, I have a really awesome companion that fill me in with all the information that I need to know about the branch and the works here. Her name is sister Parkinson. She just finished her training when I moved here so I'm her greener breaker...pretty much mean her first companion after her trainer. She is from Michigan and have super good voice and can B-Box,which is really cool. She was in Noteworthy (a BYU girls acapella group -like vocalpoint) before she came out on mission. Somehow, all my companions on mission so far have musical talent.. either very good at singing or can play piano really well. She is a very diligent missionary and striving to do her best at all things. What a great example to me! I have a feeling we will work well together. *Cross fingers*

        Well, Dou Liu branch has about 90++ active members. I felt honour to be able to serve here because many members are doing their very best to magnify their callings. We have goals to be able to rescue some struggling families who slowly drifted away from church. They have many strong families here too. The branch President, Pre.Li is quite a leader. Obedience and loving. We are currently teaching a girl Huang JM. She is really great and already has many friends at church. Most branch members already treated her like she is a member (because she act like one!). We are so excited for her baptism in couple weeks. She reminded me of my convert in San Min, Dai Jm. 

Anyway, time to go... Got to go fix my bike and get couple things done. 

I love the sayings quoted from Leighton: 
"Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care. "
My mission goal: I want to leave my mission knowing that I do LOVE the people, each areas and the work. 

Love, Sister Ting xoxo

Sister Parkinson and I - right at the emailing place..ahhaha because we want to let our family see our new companion. She is a very classy girl ^^

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