Thursday, October 24, 2013

Taiwan, Taichung mission: Week 19

This week felt weird. Many things happened and a lot of travelling (meetings,companion exchanges,stake conference etc) , yet felt like it has been a long time since last Monday. I can't tell it is a slow week or a fast week. Just felt we have been doing a lot. On Thursday we have a special training for 4 zones on Adjusting to Missionaries Life - stress management. It has been a wonderful  training. Our mission president, Pre. Blickenstaff shared his personal experience how he managed his daily stress as a stake president as well as a heart surgeon before he came on mission. Very powerful experience he had! Now, some may wonder how stressful can it be on mission while all missionaries do is just sharing gospel in a different place or country? Think again, will you be stress even a little bit if you are doing things that you wouldn't normally do like: talking to stranger about your beliefs, knock on people doors invite them to listen to your message, living with companion with different living lifestyle or personalities etc? Regardless all this, nothing beat the moment when you see the person start changing their lifestyle to become better and happier because of the message of Christ you shared. Nothing beat that realization!

Happiest moment of the week:
So we have went to Stake Conference at the stake building, as sister Haupt and I sit somewhere at the very back near the backstage, we both saw a guy (at different time) waving and smiling at us sitting on the backstage. None of us recognised him at that time. We both thought he must be waving at someone else so we didn't pay any notice to this. Then at the end of the stake conference, as I was talking to a member, this guy came over and asked if I remember him. I took a good look at him and realised he was the taxi driver who drove us to the stake conference for a meeting 3 months ago when we first moved to Qi Shan. We gave him a book of Mormon then realising that he is a Christian too. We asked if we could send his contact detail to missionaries living in his area to help him learn more about our belief, he agreed. We never knew what happen to him after that. And 3 months later, we met him at stake conference and he told us he has a baptismal goal for next month!!!!
This experience just reminded me that :truly ,no effort in wasted in the Lord's work. 

New thing I learnt from stake conference: Pre. Hinckley (our late prophet) visited Taiwan almost 20 years ago and gave a significant promise - when the local Taiwanese missionaries reach 500, it is when China is open up for missionary work! 

Well, next week is transfer week. Anticipating for the movecall on Saturday. Sister Haupt and I both wonder who will be staying in this beautiful village. 

My invitation for EVERYONE this week : Look around and see who you can serve. Be kind to others. I promised if you do this, it will be one of your happiest week. 

Till next week, love you guys,
Sister Ting xoxo

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