Sunday, September 22, 2013

Taiwan, Taichung mission: Week 17

Dear family and friends,
Happy Belated Mid-Autumn Festival. The way Taiwanese celebrate this festival is Kao Rou (BBQ). Pretty fun to ride the bike and see most family barbecuing at the road side and they just randomly asked if you to want to kao rou with them even though they barely know you. Haha.          

It was great to gain so much new inspiration and revelation through having the Zone Conference this week. The 2 main principles we discussed were Conversion and Repentance. I truly have a new view about repentance now. It is a pathway to perfection. Without it, we can never be like Heavenly Father. How grateful I am for the gift of repentance to have a chance to choose to repent each day. Repentance will gradually becomes a welcoming desire as we know the true meaning of it and how far this principle can help us progress.

Tracting experience: Met this lady knocking on her door. At first she wasn't very keen to talk to us. After we chatted for a bit by talking to her about her family and ask her some inspired questions, she started open up to us  more and told us she had an miracle experience with God (Jesus Christ) when she was young. Though she follow her traditional culture (Taoism), she never forget that experience and know Jesus Christ lives.  While riding home, I was thinking, that tender mercy isn't for sister Haupt and me, it was for that lady.Though she still wasn't interested in learning about the gospel and use her agency to reject the gospel, I was grateful that the Lord sent us to her to remind her of that experience. 

Funny experience: I was stopping at the traffic when an Ah Mah  (old lady) stopped beside me. I turned to her and greeted her. Before I have a chance to introduce myself, she said : No, I don't want whatever you are selling. After seeing my puzzled look, she pointed to my bike's box and said: what are you selling in that box? I started laughing and told her I was a missionary, whatever in my box is GOSPEL and I am sharing it with her for FREE. She laughed too and left. 

Our Mission has a blog. I'm not too sure of the webpage address but I guess you guys can always google Taiwan Taichung Mission to see if it comes out. 

Invitation of the week: Repent!
 I would like to invite you to think of one thing that you would like to change so your life can be more in line with God's will. It can be as little as start praying and study the words of God daily. I promise you that you will find the answer to your questions/concerns and lasting peace in your heart as you do this. 

Have a marvelous week!

A Happy missionary,
Sister Ting xoxo

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