Sunday, September 22, 2013

Taiwan, Taichung mission: Week 16

Dearest family and friends,

        So new movecall started this week. Sister Haupt and I stayed in Qi Shan. It wasn't too much of a surprised for us because we just opened up this area together. We were so nerveous that one of us might be transferred since neither of us are confident to have to lead a new companion in this area yet. Guess that Lord knows. 

         The past week has been another good week. I received a lot of personal revelation regarding the Lord's work. Mostly about my attitude as I served others. Trying to be constant positive is hard especially under challenges. After a slow day right before the movecall, I was asking the Lord why send me here in Qi Shan, I don't feel I have done much to make a different to the ward or area. We haven't have many investigators and sometimes I wonder if my legs will be able to sustain after riding so much. I just felt that we have done so much but hardly see any results. I wonder how can I be in Qi Shan for another movecall, then the answer came to me as I read a poem from a return missionary:

"...But those who learn to give , then keep on giving, and those who take worsts and make them bests, are those who'll learn that life's most sacred treasures, are won by those who learn to serve the rest.... "

I want to be able to make the best out of worsts. No matter how difficult the work seemed to be in the area, I can change my attitude and make it the best movecall of my mission. As I choose to have this thought, different promptings and ideas came to me regarding how and what I can do to continue my work here in Qi Shan. I want it to be the most memorable movecall!

PS: Sorry this week letter seems more like a self-reflection journal but I really hope by sharing what I experienced here may be an answer to someone's prayer because I truly know this is one of the ways Heavenly Father answers prayers.

Got a good news about one of my dear friend is joining the Lord's church :) Keep the good news coming people!!

Love you all so much,
Sister Ting xoxox

P_Day with a recent convert from vietnam... She is so lovely and humble. All she wants is to learn wisdom from the gospel so she can be a better person.  I love this lady so much!

Harry Potter's party for English Class. Sister Haupt as Hermione, Me - Chu Chang, Elder Wootan dye his hair to black and as Harry Potter ,and of course elder Scavel was Draco Malfoy

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