Monday, September 9, 2013

Taiwan, Taichung mission: Letter 15

Ni Men Hao~~~

    I can't believe it's another week already! It has been a really awesome week for me and Sister Haupt. Little good things and miracles happened everywhere when we pay attention!  Let's see, a couple highlights of the week:

1) Most of our appointments didn't fell through this week. (Yes, as missionaries, most of the time people don't think appointments with us are priority despite our message related to SALVATION! ). 1 of our new investigator told us she was actually praying to God to find a church in the area couple months ago but don't really know where to go as walking into an unfamiliar church just seems weird for her. Then 2 weeks ago she met Sister Haupt and Sister Smart (exchange day, I was in Tainan) on the street. They chatted with her and invite her to come to learn about the restored gospel. Coincidence? Or more like her prayer has been answered?!

2) The kindness of the people really makes a different. Sister Haupt and I were riding on a long road one night going home. When we got to a pretty dark part of the road, I heard a motorbike behind me. The person didn't pass us but continue to ride behind us which is strange. At first I was a bit worried that it will be someone weird and try to rob us. Then I realised he was actually providing us light through his motorbike's headlight because he noticed our bikes' lights weren't very bright for a dark road. What a nice person! I wish I have time to get talk to him as he passed us after that. I only managed to yell out " Xie Xie" before he ride away. 

3) One of the tyres of my bike was flat one evening. In the middle of no way! We were in a small village when that happened. The big bike store we saw on the way was closed. Sister Haupt suggested we just keep walking until we found a bike store. In my heart, I doubted we will be able to find another bike store close by in such a small village like this. But hey, the Lord showered us with his mercy. We found a small bike store after 5 mins walk. We got the bike fixed and back on the road for the night! 

Well, these are just a few miracles and tender mercies from this week. There were more but I run out of time to write. One important thing I learn from this week experiences : Our attitude does makes a different!! The rain last week makes us really discouraged and our week was not going as well. But this week, we decided to have a better attitude even if we have bad days and our week goes a lot smoother and happier. So my invitation for you guys this week is to have a good attitude (even if things don't go the way you plan or expect) as you go through your week and see what a difference it can make.

Lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LIAM WHITING (my favourite baby) this coming week!!! Ee We, give him a biggest kiss/hug from me!

Have an awesome week to all of you!!! 

Sister Ting xoxo

Package from home! What can beat this moment - opening up the package and eating popsicle in the de-stress chair (missionary cherishes little thing ;)

Helping a member in her Dragonfruit farm. First time seeing a Draganfruit tree.. they look like cactus.

I was sitting at the back of the truck while the member driving us to her dragonfruit farm because she doesn't have enough seat in the front. 

Look! it's baby Dragonfruit - Sister Haupt. They are ripe. 

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