Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Taiwan, Taichung mission: Letter 10

Dear family and friends,

       I love this week because it's many little unexpected situation that helps to increase our investigator pools. We have been trying hard to find new investigators each days. I felt like all the effort were being pay off in this week. Here's one of them, we met a less active member outside of an 7-1. While talking to her, 2 of her friends who work at the 7-11 were about to leave (they were on their scooters) and one of them saw my nametag and asked which church do we belong to so I told her about our church. We have a very good conversation and she eventually agreed to leave her contact detail to set up another meeting. We also invited her and another friend to come to English class on Wednesday. They agreed. So hopefully they will show up ;) 

      It was zone conference again and I just love listening to those departing missionaries sharing their mission reflection. It gives me some time to reflect upon my own mission right now. I love one of them shared that though we missionaries teach about the  Plan of Salvation (for those who would like to know what that is, please go to to contact the nearest missionaries or lds church to you) to people on our mission, let's not forget that we don't know everything about the plan and we too are in the Plan of Salvation and continue to grow and learn even on our mission. Indeed, sometimes I felt like I need to know everything to be able to teach my investigators but forgot that I am learning and growing with them in the gospel too. Pre. Blickenstaff's remarks is so good. It answered my questions about how can I be a better missionary. He told us we can't really set goals for our baptismal number because that is outside of our power. That needs the power from the Lord. All we need to do is the LOVE AND REALLY CARE THE SALVATION FOR OUR INVESTIGATORs. That is when we will see the miracle baptisms. 

     ALrighty, I need to go but guess what I received couple weeks ago? A letter from Adelaide saying I'm graduated from Institute!!! See below picture for prove ;)

 News: It's movecall next week so there is a possibility that I will be moving to a new area... nerve wrecking!!! I love San Min ward!!! 

Hope all of you have a wonderful week! 

Love,Sister Ting xoxo

We went to the beach at QI Jing last P-day~ It's most likely
 last P-day together with Sis.Paey and Sister Chord because of the movecall. 

Sister Paey and I.. We are almost done with our 12 weeks trainning!!!I love this humble soul! 

Our friendships will last forever because of the gospel... Sisters in Zion~~

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