Monday, July 8, 2013

Taiwan, Taichung Mission: Letter 7

Hi Everyone!

      Wow I can't believe i'm half way through my 2nd move call/ training in Taiwan which means in 3 weeks I will no longer be a newbie in the field!! When people know that you are still under training, sometimes,they tend to think that what you said or do weren't as important as your trainer.( I sure have learned a lot about humble and diligent for the passed couple months. )

     So,  In Taiwan, they have this missionary system that encourages young people to experience missionary lives. Normally about 2-6 weeks or short periods of time that they can financially afford. They will be set apart and work just like full-time missionaries. This week gonna be so good and fun because we have a duan chuan (a temporal missionary) working with us for about a week. This is specially organised for the young men and women in our stake only. Our duan Chuan, Sister Bi is from yuan shan ward. We heard a lot of good words about her from another sister companionship from their ward so we are very excited to work with her. It's gonna be a miracle week!!! 

      A friend wrote to me before and ask me some funny story I have so far in Taiwan. I realised sometimes I overlook the fun side of my mission and decided to start writing down some fun things that happen on my mission as well as miracles stories. So here's a story that I think is pretty fun to tell.  About 2 weeks ago, sister Jian and I visited a recent convert in our ward, Wen JM. She told us she needs to throw her garbage away @ 6.50pm as the garbage car will come around that time. However, as we talked and discussed the msg we shared with her, we forgot about time. We ended the visit with a prayer by 6.50pm. We heard the garbage car downstairs of the apartment, so we hurry help her carried the garbage bags and took the lift down. By the time we got to the entrance/exit of the apartment, we saw the garbage car passed by. Wen JM asked what we should do now, sis. Jian said:it didn't go  too far, maybe we can still chase it if we run. So imagine 3 of us carrying 2 big garbage bags(including our proselyting bags) chasing after the garbage car for about 5 mins. There were other residents laughing at us chasing after the car and some joined in to help us stop the garbage car. Good that our effort were wasted as the garbage car stopped and let us throw away the garbage. I must said I'm thankful for this awkward, hilarious moment we had with Wen JM because we definitely bonded well after this!

     Also, our mission president and his wife - President and Sister Blickenstaff are here! We gonna have a zone conference/interview with them this Thursday. I am so excited to see what new changes he gonna bring to the mission. I know that whatever the changes are, it is from the Lord and for better. 

I would like to share Mosiah 4:9 with you guys this week: "Believe in God; believe that he is, and that he created all things, both in heaven and in earth; believe that he has all wisdom, and all power, both in heaven and in earth; believe that man doth not comprehend all the things which the Lord can comprehend." I know this scripture to be true. I experienced things that I cannot comprehend often on my mission but I know the Lord does so I need to trust in Him.

Love you all,
Sister Ting xoxo

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