Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Taiwan, Taichung mission: Letter 5

Dear family and friends,

      Today is the first day of a new transfer. I am staying with San Min with my trainer as expected. Our mission President Bishop and his wife are going home end of this week so it's kinda sad but we are also excited to see the new mission president and his wife who will be arriving on Saturday. Wonder what new changes will be make through the new president? I guess no matter what changes it is, it is definitely inspired from the Lord and for the better course. 

 Today I received an email from Sister White (my previous companion in Pullman, Spokane) saying that Derek (my former investigator) is planning to be baptised! I brought tears to my eyes knowing he has the desire to follow the Lord. I remembered the first few time we met with him, he wouldn't pray. He came to the fast and testimonial meeting the last Sunday I was there and I can tell then that he felt the Spirit because he said he felt good about it. I told him he needs to keep coming to church and meet up with the missionaries because I have faith he will come to know the truth and be baptised one day! Once again, I witnessed the tender mercy of the Lord. 
The week past by so fast.It was definitely a better week. The small miracle of this week: On Friday we were on the way to a Less active's house. On the way, sis. Jian suddenly stopped at the road side. She was pointed to the mailing box to remind me the bills we need to send to mission office. At first I wasn't aware what she was saying so I park my bike and as I was about to walk towards her, I saw a girl with familiar face that caught my attention. She was our former investigator that we lost contact with few weeks ago. We met with her the first week I arrived in Sanmin, after that couldn't get hold of her. We were trying to firgure our wwhat happen to her but the number was rejected and I don't have her address. She told us she lost her phone so she couldn't contact us either. Anyway, we gave her our number and she promised to meet up with us again when she return from her summer breaks in TaiDong.  Cross fingers she will!

Throughout my mission so far, I learn that we missionaries are not the one convert our investigator. The book of Mormon and combined with the Spirit is the most powerful resource in conversion. I know the only way a person can know if the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is God's church, Joseph Smith was a prophet called by God to restored His church on earth, that person has to read the Book of Mormon to know that. The Spirit can only testified when the person do what he/she has been invited to do so.  

A member invited us to a Sushi  buffet!

We had english class activity on Wednesday - every 6 weeks, english class will organised an activity to accommodate move call week. We celebrated America Independence Day earlier. 

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