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Taiwan, Taichung mission: Letter 3 & 4

Letter 3 

Ps: something wrong with my account last week so wasn't able to send an email home.

Dear All,

     Last week was great! So far the best week since I have been in Taizhung Mission. The relationship between me and my companion/trainer are closer day after day. We have differences for sure but definitely in a very good term right now. The church members also beginning to know me better and trust us more with their friends. We have couple referral from the members which we are really grateful for. 2 of our progressing investigator with baptismal date came to church yesterday for the first time. She and her kids love it. The fast and testimonial Sunday is always uplifting. I love listening to the powerful testimony from the members. Many of them shared how they do little things in their lives to help their friends to know about Chris which leads to ways of inviting them to church or church activities. The San Min ward is a really strong ward with many faithful members. Our bishop, Bishop Wang is very diligent and dedicated in his calling. He was a young bishop too.

     Oh by the way, there was a light earthquake yesterday in our area. It happened in the middle of partaking of the sacrament. At first I thought maybe I was feeling dizzy due to fasting but it lasting more than 3 seconds then I realised it wasn't me, it was earthquake. (This was my first experience of earthquake!) Luckily it lasted for about 1 min of shaking then stopped. Different thoughts came to my mind in that 1 min. First thought was, should I hide under the bench or wait for others to run out and run with them?! Haha. Then I thought of prayer and say a quick prayer. I remembered my friend told me if we die on our mission, we will return to celestial kingdom. As I think of that, I smile and fear dismiss. I wasn't sure it that is a true doctrine but definitely comforting Description:

     This week I used a lot of  Alma 6: By small and simple things are great things brought to pass to teach our investigators or less active or recent converts. These things are as little as pray and read scriptures daily (even just read 5 mins each day), attend church weekly etc, sounds like the church standard answers but they are important! It is through doing all these simple but important things that help us to recognized the tender mercy and miracles in life. 

At the Shou San with the monkeys as background (foreigner just call it monkey mountain because they have a lot of monkeys)

Sister Wellington, Sister Chord, me and Sister Jian. 

Letter 4 

Good day everyone ;)

It has been another busy and great week. Taizhung is getting HOT. I have never sweat so much in my life! Embracing it. Haha.  So far I've learn to embrace crazy weather (while in Spokane and now Taizhung), embrace awkwardness, embrace the mosquitoes, embrace the unstoppable sweat, embrace change. EMBRACE is an important word for missionary. 

This week we were able to find a few new investigators to teach. Many teachings to recent convert, less-active, investigators. Still working on baptism goals too. I would like to share my insight able less active members this week. Ever since starting my mission, I love working with less active. It's hard to get them back to church then converting new investigators because They knew the gospel. They knew the commandments. Some of them have served great callings before. But it intrigues me to know the reason that causing them start losing faith and trying to help them overcome the concerns and come back fully. We have been working with an less active sister for a couple weeks. I remembered the joy in my heart the first time seeing her in the sacrament meeting again.I think to myself, if I can be so happy, imagine how happy Heavenly Father will be seeing all these less-active come back to church. I can truly understand the feeling of the father of the pradigol son. Encourage all brothers and sisters who know someone used to be active in the church, reach out to those who you haven't seen in a while at church and know they have the desire to come back to church again. Start with them ;)

We have Zone conference the past Thursday. It was the last zone conference with Pre. Bishop as he and his wife will be returning home end of this month. It was such an inspired conferecence. I especially love the Reflection session from missionaries who are about to go home. Listening to them gives  me a chance to reflect on my own mission right now. How much have I done? Have I allow the Lord mold me and been refined since the first day? They all said the time pass too fast and wish they have done this and that. I know I need to start cherish very day because I cannot believe I have been out for 4 months already!!! Serving mission really help me better at setting goals and plan to move towards those goals. I didn't realise i'm not good at doing these things until now. I am grateful for MISSION! It stretch me, it humble me!

 Got permission from my companion to post this picture of her waiting to have her hair cut ;)

 Last week P-day- hair cut day. A member from another ward is a hairdresser so we got our hair cut for free. 

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