Monday, May 20, 2013

Taiwan Taichung Mission: Week 1


    I'm finally in Taiwan! I love this country! The moment I stepped out the airport I turned to Sis. Tsoi and said : Yeap, this warm humid weather definitely feel like home! 

   Taichung Mission is seriously legit. We even have our own small handbook for the missionaries in the mission along with the white handbook. The orientation is motivated which make us feel like we ARE in the best mission (as well as Spokane Mission). The 2nd night, the welcoming tradition of the mission for all new missionaries is to go to the night market and have Dan Jones moment to help new missionaries have their first contacting (talking to people about the gospel). So basically what we did were to sing a hymn together in the centre of the market, then stand on a little stool to bear our testimony to everyone at the night market. Sounds pretty intense huh?! It was kinda awkward to watch when the assistance first demonstrated because they were shouting with their testimonies (the night market was full of people and  noisy!).Then President Bishop and sis. Bishop take turned to bear their testimonies too. Before I know, it was my turn. I got up to the stool and shouted to the loudest of my voice with my testimony about book of Mormon is true and through the gospel family can be together forever! I am sure it sounds really funny and awkward now, but it was so fun and so satisfying after I've done it. 

     Now, it's time to reveal my new companion and 2nd trainer (1st in Taiwan). Her name is Sister Jian (Jian Jie Mei). I was actually sitting next to her before they revealed to us. We chatted for a little while and felt like talking to an old friend. She was really warm and friendly (like most of the Taiwanese).I was praying silently in my hard that I will have her as my trainer. Before I got up the get the envelope that contained our trainer's name and serving area, Sister Jian quietly told me she too hope she will get to be my companion. When I open the envelope was Sister Jian!! Go figure, the Lord just answered both our prayers =)  Oh oh oh, and she was a nurse too before she came on mission. How awesome is that?!  I am currently serving in Gao Xiong. The area that we are serving in San Min Qu. I am still getting used to riding bike with so many other scooters. I have never seen so many scooters in my entire life. The first day riding bike in the area, I got home amazed I was still alive. No joke! (Some of the scooters will ride on the wrong side of the road!) Anyway, my trainer has been teaching me the technique to ride correctly so I can get up and down the bike effiently at the red light. side note: we talked to EVERYONE that stop beside us within that 30 seconds stopping time at red lights. Crazy? Yes. Achieveable? Yes. 
The Mission Motto is If you have faith, there will be a way! It is a  "you ban fa" mission! 

PS: It was GREAT talking to Mum, Sharon (Liam too! ) and Dad yesterday on mother's day. I love you all. Keep updating me your life. I don't wanna have any surprised or miss any detail of your life when I got home! 
PS2: I have a couple miracle moments on the planes on the journey from Spokane to LA.But I run out of time now so will tell ya all next week ;)

Love always, 
Sister Ting xoxo
On the flight to Taiwan with Sister Chen and Sister Tsoi

Taiwan Taoyuan airport

Loading the bus. It's got neon lights and karaoke bar! 

Authentic taiwanese breakfast

Hotpot with Pres. Bishop and the new missionaries

Me and my trainer, Sister Jian. 

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