Saturday, May 11, 2013

Spokane, Washington: Week 5 (final week!)

Hey all, 

      . So today will be my last day in Pullman. Before the transfer call, I told my companion that I have a feeling that I will be leaving because I started to feel comfortable in the area and sure enough, couple days laster, Pre. Mullen called and told me my Taiwan visa is here so I will be heading to Taiwan on Tuesday. After 6 weeks in Pullman, Washington (Spokane Mission), I am finally heading to Taiwan Taichung Mission tomorrow!! Still can't believe I have been here for 6 weeks already. (Time doesn't seems to exist when you are on Mission!)  I was so grateful that I get to come here for the beginning of my mission because I just love the members here. They are so willing to help and ready to serve in any way they can. I have no doubt the memberships in Pullman will grow real fast when there are members of service here. 

    Yesterday was my last Sunday here. 2 of our investigators came to church and 1 of them (Investigator H) got up to bear her testimony. It was simple but powerful. She thanks me and my companion to teach her more about God (she is Muslim background) and the church. She is our only progressing investigator so far that doing really well. She read the Book of Mormon and pray everyday like we invited her to. I wish I can be here to see her progression but I know it's time for me to go to Taiwan too. 
      So here's another miracles story: On Saturday when sister White and I did our planning, sister White said "I really want to get a new investigator tomorrow since we haven't one for a while". And I agreed. So we set time  to tract one of this apartment before we went to our dinner appointment. Sister Tsoi ( she came to Pullman because we are heading to Taiwan together), Sister White and I knocked on about 12 doors but everyone seems not very interested and we had 15 mins left before we have to go to the dinner appointment. We decided to knocked on this last door. J answered the door, she invited us in even before we get to tell her who we are and our purpose. 3 of us are totally surprised because missionaries rarely get invited into the house on right at the time we do door-knocking. Anyway, so we went into the house, introduced ourselves as missionaries from the church. We chatted a little bit to get to know her and Sister Tsoi asked if she has 10 mins we can share a quick message with her. She said she has 15 mins before we had to go on a date. As a result, we teach her an 20 mins restoration message and give her a book of Mormon to read and GOT AN RETURN APPOINTMENT with her! New investigator right there! When we did our planning yesterday to find new investigator, I have doubt if we will be able to get one but we totally did! One very important thing I learnt here is if you have faith, miracles happen. If you invite and do what you suppose to, the Lord will put people who are ready for the gospel in your path. I am so thankful that I get to experience one last miracles right before I leave here. 

        Before I came on mission, my friend Shaun, told me if we will submit our will to the Lord we will become a successful missionary. I always wonder what he truly mean, I kinda get it now. Sometimes, we tend to focus more on what we want instead of what the Lord's want. I always remember Pre. Hinckley's dad told him to "forget yourself" when he was on his mission when I think of what I want to do. It really isn't easy to just forget yourself and go to work. But recently I realised that when I constantly think of how I can help my investigators, what do they need to learn, how can I teach them better to help them learn about their salvation, I focus less on what I want/ need. I become less self-centre when my thoughts are around helping others. Through that, I deeply understand the statement: lose yourself in the work of the Lord. 

I guess the next time you hear from me, I will be in a different country :) 

Bye for now,

Sister Ting  xoxo. 

The trail we jogged on every other day

P-Day breakfast

Erin, my funny, half-Asian jie jie in Pullman

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學理論計算的小汪 said...

Hi Ivy! This is Steve Wang! This is the first time I saw the missionary record their mission in detail. In the past I usually see return missionaries posted pictures only. I'm so glad you remember I'm from Pingtung. I'll keep reading this blog! I have a familiar feeling that you serve your mission in my country. It's a predestination that your first stop is Pullman and I study in Pullman! When I saw the picture that I'm your investigator at that time! Happy New Year!