Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spokane, Washington: Week 4

So today I had a chance to go to the Spokane temple with my companion for our P-day. It was so great to be in the temple again. It's always uplifting, and being able to feeling the peace in the heart after a long week was just nice. 

    Last week was busy but great. I went on an exchange with sis. Tsoi (my previous MTC companion) in Moscow Idaho on Tuesday as both our trainers had to go to leadership trainning. IT was so fun to work with sis. Tsoi again. It was absolutely a joy seeing her again and saw how much she has grown in her faith and testimony about missionary work just make me feel more enthusiastic about the work too. We met 2 Chinese guys while I was there for a day and get to use my Chinese more than usual which make me realised I need to STUDY HARDER for my Mandarin so I can teach better in Mandarin!! 

    We also had Super Saturday last week in our mission where we go out there to invite EVERYONE we meet to come on Church Tour with us and also invite them to be baptised. We invited 16 people overall to come on CT but so far only have an appointment for that. It was hard work and need a lot of patience. I think that is one advise I hadn't get before came out for mission - PATIENCE. Haha. Anyway, it was a day full of tender mercies from God. So, we met this lady a couple weeks ago on campus and invited her on church tour. She agreed and set up an appointment with us. However, we thought we saved her number but we never did! I know, Big mistake for missionary to do! So she didn't show up at the CT and we of course haven't got the number to called her. On Saturday, when we waited at a traffic light about to cross the road, I saw a guy walked towards us so I went up to invite him on the Church tour, and it turned out he is the husband for that lady we met on campus! And he gave us her number agreed to come on a Church Tour as long as his wife still want to do it! Imagine the joy I felt in my heart. It reminds me of the story of finding the 1 lost sheep in the bible! We called the wife at night and set up an appointment again for the coming week. I had been praying to Heavenly FAther that we will meet her again on campus so we can get her number and reschedule. Testimony of prayer strengthened!

    Another cool experience on that Super Saturday- so we were door knocking to talk to people about the gospel and invite them on Church Tour in one complex, After 14 doors, this A lady answered the door and we get to talked to her a little. Turned out she knows about the church and would like to come on the CT with us sometimes after this week. We found out more that her bother in law passed away recently and was a hard time for her family. We shared with her the plan of Salvation, she teared up as she listen. We left her with a warm prayer and the pamphlet to read. And guess what? We got her number too :) ! 

     Also, it was Stake Conference week and I just love listening to those inspired talk from the Church leader. It was a broadcast from Idaho and Elder Robert D. Hales presided it. So here's something that I learn from the conference : For all members who want to know how you can study the scriptures more efficiently? SHARE WHAT YOU LEARN! For missionaries, we do our personal study every morning to help with our investigators. But members can also do that, of course they dont't share with investigators but they can always study to be ready to share with their non-member friends/ family under all circumstances. The Sunday School General President said  Scriptures Study is incomplete without sharing them with others. 
     Great week great experiences! Loving it. 

Sister Ting  xoxo
Sister White and me at the Spokane temple

Sister Kunkel, our ride to the temple

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