Monday, April 15, 2013

Spokane, Washington: Week 3

Dear family and friends,

           So last week was a pretty good week. On tuesday we had a training for new missionary and also Sister missionaries conference where our mission president's wife Sister Mullen arranged us for yoga hour, destress seminar and healthy snacks. It was really fun to get together with all the sister missionaries in the mission. I got to see Sister Chen and Sister Tsoi again! I was so happy to see both of them and talked about how different it was in MTC and the real mission field. I felt so proud of both of them because their Mandarin has improved so much. 3 of us might be transferring out to Taichung Mission soon in the next upcoming transfer on 7th of May. 

I do love Spokane Mission especially people in Pullman are very nice. I didn't get a lot of chance to teach in Mandarin yet although there are some Chinese/Taiwanese students here. Last week the weather was crazy up here. Sister White and I were walking in the sunshine and before we know, it was snowing! Yea, snowing while bright and sunny! No kidding. Anyway, so we were having a low week last week as it was final weeks and also mother's weekend (when all the college students' mothers come to visit them before final) so, everyone was busy and of course meeting up with missionaries are the last thing on their mind. However, our ward mission leader and ward missionaries and us were fasting on Sunday to help with our ward mission goal which is to get the members in the ward to help find friends/referral for missionary to teach. And on Sunday night, we went to a stake missionary fireside,  and guess what? Elder Risenmay who was the area Seventy and Pre.Mullen talk about the important of member misssionaries programme and encourage all the members in this mission to help find people for missionary to teach. Bang! Fasting and prayer answered. 

          I have seen so many miracles happened already since entering MTC. My testimony has definitely been strengthen. I knew that I have received a lot of blessings in my life and see the hands of the Lord in my life very often but I never realised how much the Lord has involved in my life until I come on Mission. I know we have a FAther in Heaven who love us very much. Jesus is our Saviour. I know the Church is true and that we have a living prophet who continue to receive revelation from Heavenly Father. The Heaven has not close because Heavenly Father loves us like He loves the people in ancient time. He sent them prophet to lead and guide us just like He sent prophets to them. 

I love you all!! Till next week,

Sister Ting xoxo 

 my district in Pullman

a ward member caught fish for us so we had bake fish tonight =) Yum

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