Monday, April 15, 2013

Spokane, Washington: Week 2

Dear all,

     My 2nd week in Pullman,Washington was great but not so much of the weather. It rained a lot for the past few days and getting very cold. I am glad that I have my big winter jacket, scraf and the gloves that my companion gave me. I don't think I can step out the house without these two gears each day. We are slowly picking up the work here. We do a lot of tracting and street contact this week as some of our investigators either not in town or dropped us. The ward is small as it is a college single adult ward so the turnover for each semester are quick. Some students only stay here for a semester or two. However, we have very good bishopric and the ward mission leader is awesome. We are grateful that he received this calling 2 months before we got into town. 

    The missionary work is hard but fun at the same time. Since it is a small college town, we walk a lot so we can contact people easier. We came to one apartment that near to ours last week. We were trying to find our investigator's apartment but he wasn't at home so we thought we do some door knocking. We knocked on a few doors, talked to couple people. They all listen to our short msg but decline the return visit politely. Then we came to this certain apartment and knocked on the door. The guy who answered the door saw us and immediately said : "I already know!" before we could say anything. Sister White and I wasn't expecting his straightforward comment so we freeze a little, then sister White continue to say who we are. That guy was repeated again that he already know what we gonna tell him and close the door. Both of us were like : oh okay, Thank you! As we walked away, Sister White said quietly: I really hope he already know the way to find PEACE or ETERNAL HAPPINESS in his life. Then both of us just laughed. I think of what she said that way and wonder how do some people so sure they already know before giving it a chance to LISTEN. 

    So, this weekend was general conference, I love it! I love all the talks! BEfore the conference, sister White and I wrote down some of the questions that we have and hope to be answered through conference. I wrote down 3 questions in my journal the night before, and guess what? All of them were answered through different talks. I especially love Elder Russell M. Nelson and L.Tom Perry this time. The first presidency talks are always good too. Those of you who hasn't have a chance to watch or listen to the conference, I am excited for you to watch or listen to them. You will love it!

So here's my invitation for everyone:

To non-lds member family and friends: I invite you to learn and find out more about my church - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints through or Get a book of Mormon and read it. If you have a chance to meet missionaries on the street or they knocked on your doors, talked to them! I am one of them now! Listen to what they offer you. We missionaries offer no other thing but your salvation!

To lds member family and friends: I invite you to help the missionaries. Feed them, give referral to them, help them in anyway you can so you and your family will be bless because the Lord watch over those who take care of His servants. If you have the financial ability, donate some to the church missionary fund. The Lord is gathering His children and we missionaries are His tools to bring this great message around the world.

Have a great week. 

My address from last week was wrong! The correct address is Pimlico Apt A-103,1455 NE Brandi Way 99163. Please write me your return address too so I can write to you!

Love always, Sister Ting

Missionaries called to serve in Taichung mission

Sister missionaries called to Taichung mission -- at the MTC

our apartment in Spokane, Washington

My companion

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