Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spokane Washington: Week 1

So guess where I am now? WASHINGTON SPOKANE MISSION! I was out here a week ago but since I missed my P-day so I can only write to you guys now. I am currently serving in a small town called Pullman with Sister White, my 1st in-field companion. She is from Orem Utah. Poor Sister White has to train me and sweeping the area at the same time. The ward we are serving in is a single ward and we normally tract on the campus of Washington State University. There wasn't sister missionaries in this college town previously so we are both new in the area and trying to figure out things of our own. But the Lord has been blessing us. The members here are very welcoming and helpful. They have been waiting for sister missionaries in the area. We got a lot of help we could possibly get. For the first week we are living with members. Her name is Kara McMurry. Such a sweet helpful person. Since I don't get a bicycle here, (since I will be going to Taiwan in a few weeks) she will take us to the different places that we need to go as long as she is not at work. The bishopric are very strong here too. Both sister While and I are very excited to serve here even though it was a bit rough at the begining since we are both new here. We are slowly getting hold of things. In fact we will be moving into our new apartment today which is brand new one!  Also there are a lot chinese students here that allow me to practice my Mandarin.
I don't know why every time I want to write a long detail email home but I just never get enough email time. There is always something coming up.  I need to run now to do some other things.
By the way, if anyone wanted to write me letters or send me anything,my Spokane mail address is 
1365 N.E Brandi Way, Apt A-103, Pullman,WA 99163. I will definitely be here for the next 4 weeks before heading to Taiwan. 

The elder next to me looks like my bro-in-law

My nametag in Chinese

My district

Our teachers at the MTC and us! 

Sister White and me

The tallest sister is our teacher too. 

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