Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week 3 at the MTC

Dear all,
            This week is my 3rd week into MTC. We were supposed to leave last tuesday originally since Advance class is only 2 weeks but since my companions (sister Chen and sister Tsoi) and I are still waiting for our visa to Taiwan, we were transferred to another district (class) yesterday with those missionaries who are in their 9th weeks entering MTC. The travel office put our name in the state side mission so we might get to serve in another temporal mission before we go to Taichung Mission. It will be a fun experience to serve in 2 missions! I just hope that I can go with my 2 lovely companions if they do send us out to temporal mission. 
             I probably haven't mentioned  that I have another companion (yea, I have been in threesome all these times). Another companion of my is sister Tsoi. She grew up in Beijing and have been living in Hong Kong. She is a half. Her mum is from America and dad from Hong Kong but she has been in international school all her life so English is her native language. She is very awesome and like her scriptures very much. I learn so much from her even though she is only 19. When she first moved into our dorm, she wasn't very close with us, which she later revealed she was intimidate by us (me and my 4 other roomates). Since I am the senoir companion in our companionship, I know I have to let her feel good and trust me and sister Chen. However, the first 2 days I seriously thought she dislike me (because she was acting more relax and fun with sister Chen and another roomate of ours!) and was so worried that it will effect on our companionship which is something that I have been very anxious about even before I enter MTC - to have companion that I don't get along with. So I prayed to Heavenly Father that he will provided a way to help our companionship to get better and help me to be humble to accept her being who she is even though we might not get along. The very next day, after we have our companionship teaching, I chatted a little bit with sister Tsoi (can't remember what it was), she came to me at lunch time and just hugged me from the back and said she loves me and think I am a very kind person. I was surprised but humbly accept her love. And since that day, we become closer and our companionship grow stronger each day. Now, I just hope I can stay with both of them througout my whole mission.           
     I know I said this every week but being in MTC is just so wonderful and spiritual. I honestly received blessings and witness small/ big miracles (either happens to myself or my companions or roomates.) every single days. The spirit in here just so overwhelm. I felt like being shower with the spirit every day and my heart just full of gratitude. I have learn so much (and yet to learn more) how to be in tune with the Spirit so I can act  upon His promptings each day. The Lord really does answer our pray and know what we needs at the time we most needed Him. I am going to keep a miracles journal because there were just too many to remmeber if I don't write it down. I wish all of you can feel how I feel on my mission. Yes, there are time that I felt a little discourage for different thing but ALWAYS by the end of the day, the blessings that I receive that day or talked that I heard that day or things that I learn that day just take over the negative feelings I had earlier.
     D&C 18:10 is one of my favourite scriptures help me to decided to come on mission but Moses 1:39 is the scriptures that keep in in the field and motivate me to do the Lord's work. That is His purpose and now it become my purpose too as a representative of God.
I love you all and wish the next time I write, I will be out in the field and able to post some pictures. So many to shares!!!!    
Have a good week and stay happy.
Sister Ting

Side note: It's me again! I just received my temperal reassign mission to Washington Spokane Mission. We will probably be leaving next Tuesday. The happinest things is I am going with my 2 other companions! I just couldn't stop my tears from rolling down as I found out we are going to the same mission. I have been praying so hard and hoping that we will all go to the same temperal mission because I love them so much! I couldn't ask for more blessings in my life. The Lord is overwhelm me with His love!!!! So yay for having to serve in 2 missions on my mission!!!!!! The field is white already to harvest! Here come 3 awesome sisters!

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