Sunday, March 17, 2013

Week 1 at the MTC

Ni Hao,
 I have been in MTC for 4 days now. For the first few days, I was a little crazy and unorganised as a few of us International missionaries arrived a day earlier so we were put together in temperal residence. The room was small but 4 of us sister missionaries have at least 3 suitcases each. Thank goodness we were moving out to our permenant room the next day which is slightly bigger and we don't have to squeece through our suitcases to get to the bed.

My very first companion (for a day) is Sister Burn  from Leighton Utah. She is going to Brazil to serve her mission but since she hasn't receive her visa to go to MTC in Brazil she get to come in here a day earlier with us international missionaries. She is really cool. We have same kind of view of different things. Then my second official companion is sister Chen from Provo Utah. Her parents are from taiwan but moved here about 25 years ago, so she speak pretty good chinese though growing up in Provo. She is 19 years old, yeap, the '19 y.o sisters club'. At first I was anxious if we will get along well since there is a 'tiny'gap between our age but I JUST LOVE HER. She is bubbly and positive all the time. I would seriously adopt her to be my sister! She reminds me of my cousin , Vicky , when she laugh. Such an easy going person. I have blessed to have her as my companion in MTC. 

Our dictric is big. We have 12 people in our class and we have to divided into 2 classed last night. My district are awesome. We have our first meeting with Branch presidency, while each of us bear our testimony , the spirit was so strong that few of us were teary. Listening to their testimonies are joy. i can honestly said each of us have very strong conversion story that strenghten our testimony and help us wanted to serve the Lord.

I wish I can attached photoes but don't think the computer in MTC here allow me to do that. Life in MTC is very busy but fulfilling. The schedule is very tight and we often have to run to the next destination or got there later than we should (which make our goal for this week is to be puncture to all our appointment or classes). There were so many things to learn and every classes are uplifting. After my first class in MTC, I wish to eat my whole scriptures so that I can digest them and remmeber all of them (the result of not studying hard enough with the scriptures).
My brach president is President Marion who is very strict very kind. At first I feel like I might not like him because he appeared so stern and a little harsh but after getting to know him, I know I will grow to love him because of his righteousness and sense of humor.
Also, my second Mission President who is going to serve in Taichung Mission is here in the MTC having his training with his wife too! I haven't get to meet him yet but sister Chen and I are thinking we might go on a hunt mission to search for them.  
Sharon and Leighton,  I really wish I could show you the picture of one of my zone leader who is from Sydney. Man, he looks like the twin brother of Leighton! No joke. I show them Leighton's picture everyone was like : oh my goodness Elder, you found your twin brother! Haha.
Alright, I still have so many things want to tell you guys but only have 2 minutes left. Arrgg.. I wish they give us 1 hour instead of 30 mins to write home.
I love you all, talk more next week,
Ai Ni Meng,
Sister Ting

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