Thursday, March 15, 2012

Life into 25

        I realized that I haven't really mentioned anything about my New Year resolutions since stepping into year 2012. After racking my brain for a long time, I've decided not to have a new year resolutions this year. No, it is not because I have such a perfect life that I don't need to make any changes to my life, in contrast, I think there are too many things that I wanted to change and work on that I can't even bother to list them down. From the past experiences, I found that I often didn't do the things that I've listed down to change or improve. I hardly ever achieve my resolutions at the end of the year so what's the point? This year, I'll have the "come what may" attitude. As we all know we can plan as much as we want but sometimes thing just doesn't happen the way we want, so why not leave some rooms for the surprises in life. Saying that, however, doesn't mean that I won't do anything and just sit around for things to happen. I will continue to keep working towards some of my goals in life, but if life decided to take an expected turn then at least I won't be too upset because it ruin my plans.

       As you can guess from this blog title, I've just turned 25 years old in Jan. I didn't had a big crazy party but a nice quite dinner with mum while we travelled to East Coast Australia. It's funny how I've always tell people around me that I stopped celebrate my birthday after 21st so that I can stay at that age forever. Of course, who am I kidding? I knew it is just a way of me denying of getting older. Yet, now that I'm only just into the first 2 months of 25, I reckon it is the best age to be so I hope to be forever 25. LOL. Not that any awesome or unforgettable things happen that make me change my mind (My life is so so, I'm still as confuse as before regarding where I really want to live, I still have many concerns and worries that related to my future. Life is just ordinary at the moment, and future is fuzzy.) I just think that 25 is a good life 'check point' for me. I am certain that I've learn something from the past 2 years that the Lord wants me to learn and have turned me into a stronger and more mature woman. If any good change going to happen, I hope it will happen to me this year.

        Few small good changes have happened for the last 2 months - just a quick recap here:

        January - I went on a 2 weeks trip with mum to Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. I'm glad that I get to spend some quality times with mum as I had not seen her for a year since I came back from Malaysia last April. I know that as years go on, I might not have too much time to travel with her like this. I want to cherish every opportunity I have to spend time with my family.
                    Also, at work, I was asked to take up the role as an Infection Control Nurse. I was very nervous and a little reluctant to accept the role, yet, for my resume's sake, the role will make my resume looks better in the future. Plus, it is a good challenge that will benefit my nursing career.

        February - I'm happy to announce here that my sister, Sharon, is pregnant! Yes, I will be an aunt in September. Phew~ finally I can let the good news out now that most people know about it. So perhaps another trip to the States in September =)
                        Well, this is not something that happen to me but I would still want to mention about it here. My youngest cousin, Becky, has finally decided to pursue higher education in Taiwan. This reminded me of my journey to pursue Nursing in Australia couple years ago. I am truly happy for her because she is able to study something that she really like. Also, it will be a good opportunity for her to learn to be independent and become a talented young woman. So, good luck to her in a foreign country!!

    Mum and I in Melbourne

Sharon in her 13 weeks of preggo.

The 25 y.o me ^^

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