Tuesday, November 29, 2011


According to my knowledge, some people who celebrate Thanksgiving's Day in America or else where in the wold will have a big feast at home with family or close friends. At the meal time, they will take turn to express their gratitude to one thing they appreciated. I think it is a really cool tradition/culture as sometimes we may not recognize what we are most thankful for until we say it out (note: I always enjoy listening to people of what they are thankful for). Therefore, in this blog entry, I would like to express my great appreciation for the most important thing that the Lord has given me : My Fammily. I can never thank the Lord enough for giving me the family I have. Though mum and dad are not together anymore but they are both lovely parents who want the best for me and Sharon.It will take another few hours just to talk about how much they have sacrifice to provide us for what we need and want in our childhood / teenage days. I have the most hardworking and intelligent sister who forever know what she wants in life and live to prove that she can always achieve most her goals. Needless to say, what can you ask more for a better brother-in-law than Leighton? IT genius, funny, and most importantly, a kind-hearted person. 

It might be because I've grown up or I am far from home, I love and appreciate my family more and more as the years go on. I miss the every single family gathering time we had and hope that we can all live closer to each other again. Yes, I do believe i'm more of a  family orientated person and I intend to stay this way forever.

Forever Love for my wonderful Mum!!! 

They are my goofy awesome brother-in-law and smart pretty sister.
And my healthy Nana, with beloved Dad!

Sisterhood of the Funny Face!