Monday, October 31, 2011

Favourites of the Month:October

Well, I realized that it is 'the' Halloween month and most blogs I visited or tweeter I followed or FB were/are all about celebration of Halloween for the last 2 weeks. Personally, I don't think I ever experience the real American's Halloween (mental note: must experience that the next time I visit America), which is more festive than Aussie's Halloween (because Aussies don't really celebrate it as big as the American!). Since I didn't end up going to any Halloween party this year but I would also like to touch on the 'Halloween topic', thus the following picture: I changed my mobile homescreen according to the month's festival ;) Oh and some of my this month faves ^_^

Favourite Weekends: General Conference
Every years in April and October, my church will have general conference where leaders of the Church will address us with spiritual talks. The conference will last for two days. I am always excited about the General Conference because it's the only time you get to hear so many uplifted messages in once, especially from the Prophet of God (he's the one in the above pic for those we are not members of my church). Believe or not, every General Conference there is always one or two particular talks that I needed so much in my life at that moment. No doubt in my mind, these are the answers to my pray. I also love how after the general conference, church members will discuss and share their feeling of their favourite talks. It is exciting because  you will hear/see how the same talk means differently to different people depends of their current circumstances. Yea, this October has been a spiritual month for me because of the General Conference and Stake Conference we had.

Favourite News : Lian and Clifford is Getting Married!!
Lian and Clifford, her fiance!
Me and Lian couple years ago before she left Miri for her mission.

Big Congratulation to one of my best friends, Lian, who will tie the knot with her fiance in a couple months!!!! I would like to dedicated this particular post to them because they have come a long way. I have known Lian for nearly 7 or 8 years through the church. Couple years after I joined the church, Lian moved back to Miri for a period of time and we were not only going to the same church but worked in the same place too - Dialysis Centre in Miri. Having to work in the same place and participating in church activities had definitely helped us become closer friends. For me, she is such a smart and independent girl. When she decided to serve the Lord and spend 1 1/2 years on mission, I admired her faith and testimony. Unfortunately during the time she served her mission, I came to Australia for my education and we never get a chance to meet up for years. Thank goodness for Skype that allows us still catch up and updated our life with each other. I am truly happy that she found her happiness and ready to move into a new stage of life in a new environment. It takes courage to accept big chances in life. It's all worth it in the end Lian, at the meantime, enjoy the journey!!! *hug*

Favourite makeover reality TV shows: 
I'm not sure about you guys, but I really love watching makeover show. It always strike me how after the magic touch from makeup artists, hair stylist and fashion gurus, an unattractive 'ugly duckling' transforms into a confidence swan. I love to see the process of this transformation and that's why I love watching the above two reality shows. There is a Chinese sayings: There are no ugly women (men) on earth, there are only lazy women (men) who don't put effort into beauty. I have to agree being beautiful takes up a lot of time. But it's worth it because it makes you feel confidence, it gives you courage and it makes you happy about yourself.

New Favourite Dessert Place: Eggless
When I first heard about this place from my housemate, I have been wanting to try their desserts. When I finally found the time and friends to go with me, the shop was close for a month as the owner decided to go on a month holiday. Therefore, I waited for  A MONTH to try out this famous dessert place in Adelaide. The name of the shop is EGGLESS. The reason being that the owner's wife does not use egg in any of her home-made desserts. What attracted me are there Malaysian's desserts! (Yes, the shop owner is Malaysian.). Also, the menu changes every month so old/ new customers can always come back to try different types of desserts.  My friends and I have to wait for about 45 min to get seated and that's how popular it is.

Favourite Change:
2 weeks ago, I discovered YesStyle which has now became my number one online shopping website other than eBay. As I went through the products lists, I came across with a few hair colouring products. Instantly I decided it's time to change my hair colour. I've been pretty much black hair entire my life, I think I need a new look. I did some research on this particular hair colouring product - palty -on yourtube and seems like a good one to go for, so I ordered the caramel-latte colour. On the day when the product arrived (together with a few other skincare products I bought as it's free shipping to buy more ^.*), I had my hair trimmed too before I DIY my hair-colouring .At first I think the hair stylist cut my hair for too short but it turned out pretty good. So, Ta-Da... my new look - short brown hair babe! (side note: on the colour product, it shows you how the colour will turned out to be according to your previous hair colour.Since my hair was darker, instead of caramel-latte, it became brown, which is what I want.)


Unknown said...

I look forward for the day to finally be reunited with you to actually give you a real hug! Ah.. thank you for the warm wishes and for being such an awesome example to ME! I may have went off to an 18 month mission, but you my dear friend, is just as amazing spiritually that I sometimes draw my strength from you. So thank YOU. Much love and hugs...

Ivy Ting said...

Hug ^^^^