Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Favourites of the Month:September

Another month has gone by quick. I felt like I have done a lot, yet not achieving any particular goals of mine or something that make me feel satisfying at the end of the month. Does some of you feel this way every now and then? I feel it more often lately. Anyway, it's time to share this month's favourites~~

Favourite Qoute:

"Do something that you love, surround yourself with people you trust, learn from your mistakes, work hard, and don’t let other people’s opinions of you become your limitations."- Lauren Conrad

Favourite Day Out:

The first week of September started with celebrating Ida's birthday. It was definitely one of the best girls' day out since I came back. The day began with a late breakfast at East Terrace Continental (Mmm.. their breakfast are good.) Then we decided to do what we have been wanting to do for a while- foot spa and pedicure! Yeeeaap... my first time and loving it. Since it's not as expensive as we thought, we might go back again every now and then!! Oh did I mention about the massage chair? I didn't realize it was a massage chair until after 10 min into the foot spa when the lady doing my feet told me, which I wish she'd have told me earlier.Haha. But seriously THAT was definitely a chair to die for
(Noted: need to be in my future-home-furniture shopping list). The day went on with some shoppings and afternoon dessert time at Chocolate Bean. Couldn't ask for more for a fun relaxing day.

Favourite City Fun:

One thing I like about going to city Rundle Mall on Saturday is that there are always many interesting street performances, fun business/religion promotion or cute kids entertainment to keep the mall busy and entertaining. I saw this "Wall.E" taking her little baby in an old fashion pram doing some shopping on the street. How cool was that? If I wasn't in a hurry I definitely would take a picture WITH them!

Favourite Mother-Son photo:

My dear cousin, Vicky, welcomed her baby boy, Quinton, into the world last month. My sister, Sharon, gave him the name. Wow... i can still hardly believe she is a mum now. We used to play together a lot when we were little. She being a mother makes me feel weird...erm, in a way that make me feel : wow! i'm really at that stage where life is no longer the same as it used to be. We are sooo grown up now. LOL. Before I know, maybe my sister will have a little baby too, which I'm so looking forward to be - Auntie Ivy =)

Favourite YSA Activity: Master Chief Competition

First of all, I was glad that I went to the activity even though it seems like a last minute decision for me.
If you have watched Master Chief, you'll know where the activity idea from. At first I thought I'd just watch people doing the cooking/baking and i'll enjoy the food afterward. But it turned out everyone came to the activity have to participate and get sorted into different group. Tracy, Camilla, Steve and I decided to call our team "Awesome" and guess what? We won!! But really it wasn't that hard when you had two good bakers on the team a.k.a Tracy and Camilla. All we had to do was following the recipe given to us and had them done within the time limit (which no one really cared and followed ^^). The recipe given to us is Raspberry and White Chocolate Friands. I'm pretty sure I have friands before but never really know what they call until this day when I had to make them. Definitely added it into my new list of favourtie dessert! Especially with the white chocolate. Yumm... (I was really happy with the way we decorated it. We did put a lot of afford into it!!!)

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