Wednesday, August 24, 2011

# Leap of Faith #

So, I had been watching this reality show- The Bachelorette season 7- last couple of weeks (side note: This was the only season that I follow, so no, I haven't been watching other Bachelorette season if you wonder). One of my favourite scenes in the show was Ashley Hebert first 1-on-1 date with JP (her fiance now). When Ashley questioned JP about his previous relationships and wonder how does she knows if he wont break her heart? And JP said: "Well you don't. You take a leap of faith, you get hurt; but time heals all, you move on, things get put into perspective, and eventually you met someone amazing and things change."That conversation really stuck in my head throughout the whole season of the show and even now, that particular 'leap of faith' keep me thinking, thus for this blog entry.

I'm sure at some point of our lives, we have all experienced that when something happens - fail marriage, fail family relationship, fail education, fail career or death of the loved one - that take our confidence and dignity away. It may seems devastating at time but having that 'leap of faith' in our heart is so important. It may be the only thing that keep us moving/living on in the most depressing period, hoping it can only be better from now on.

I have a friend who is getting married but because of the history of her parents, she is afraid that it might be the wrong commitment to take, afraid things will change after married. Another friend of mine, broke up with her boyfriend but she is afraid to let it go. She feels miserable, thinking she may never move on. To these two friends if you are reading this post, a leap of faith is what you need now. No one know what will happen after you get married or move on from the past.But it is a turning point for you! Because you know for sure it will never get better if you don't move at where you are standing right now.

PS: Do you have a leap of faith like this penguin?Not sure why but somehow the picture crack me up!!! LOL


sharon said...

Very well said indeed. Just take a leap and if you don't die, you'll be okay.

Unknown said...

I'm leaaaaaaaaaappppiiiiinnnnnngggggg... *kaplunk*. Hehe. That is a very thought provoking quote from JP. Now you can vouch that "The Bachelorette" show can have an impact on people, for sure. :)