Friday, July 29, 2011

Favourites of the Month : July

When I started out this blog back in March, I was thinking how long will it take for me to neglect my blog and eventually stop blogging like I did with the 3 previous blogs I had. The reasons being I'm not a very good writer and it takes up a lot of my time just to blog something. Also I found that not many people care to read other's blog anymore these days, especially with social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google + being so popular, family and friends can easily find out what's going on in my life. But since I am very determined that this will be my last and only blog, I committed myself to at least have a blog entries every month just to sum up things that happened around me for the month. So the best way for me to do this is to choose all the things that I like or come across with in the month and share them in my blog. I called it my Favourites of the Month!

~Here are my Favourites of July~

Favourite Movie:

I can only think of words like: AWESOME! FANTASTIC! THE BEST! BRILLIANT! for the Harry Potter's last movie. My friends and I planned to go to the movie's premiere weeks before the movie came out. Then we thought why not dressing up as the movie characters to add some fun into the whole thing? So, I started 'googling' pictures of the characters in the movie and decided to dress up as Hermione Granger in Hogwarts uniform (I bought the Griffindor's tie from eBay which only costs me a few dollars including shipping fee). At first we were worrying that we would be the only people who dress up. But of course, we worried too much! Almost everyone who went to the movie that night dressed up. We saw lots of Harry Potter, some Hermione, Bellatrix, Lucius and Draco Malfoy, Tonks in purple hair, and other death eaters. It was like a dress up party. One of my best experience in Adelaide I have to say. Kinda sad that the whole Harry Potter's movie has come to an end. I'm looking forward to the final movie's DVD comes out in the next few months so I can buy the whole 8 DVDs as collection.

Favourite YSA activity:
In church, Young Single Adults always have many activities going on every month: cottage evening, family home evening,YSA temple night, YSA firesides, YSA dance, YSA monthly activity so on and so on. This month, there was an annual YSA winter ball which I decided to go to after being a bit less active in YSA activities for the past couple months (And thanks to Camilla for being persistently invited me the ball.) The theme of the winter ball this year was Hollywood. So the whole cultural hall in the chapel turned into a big movie festival setting with red carpet from the entrance, 2 big theater screens playing different movies' trailers continuously, waiters (church members) serving fingers food every now and then. My friends and I danced for couple hours til 1am before the party came to an end (ps: got sore legs for the next whole day). The party was just too good to be missed. I'm glad that I went and get to know a few new friends and just parteyyy!!

Favourite Changes:
As some of you can tell, the changes here is my hair. I had it cut both at the back and front 2 weeks ago. I love the feeling of freshness every time I had my haircut. It somehow enhances the confidence in a person after getting a new haircut. Maybe sometimes in life all we need is just one little changes every now and then to make us feel that life isn't as monotonous as we think.

Favourtie Book:
Personally I think all women (or maybe men as well) should own a copy of this book. I found this book on 60% sales in a local bookstore which was closing down. It is written by 4 women in America who have been through many different life challenges and tragic. They formed a 'kitchen table' groups called Women in Transition (WIT) and meet monthly at one of the women's kitchen table to talk about trials they faced in lives, share news, encouraged each other and give inspiring suggestions. The books records some of the ways/solutions they learnt or used to help them get through the hardest time in lives. Their stories help me to believe that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Favourite Drink:

Have you ever have yogurt that you can only have a few spoonful because it's too creamy that make you feel sick? I introduced you self-made Yogurt Boost! My friend, Michelle, make this for me when I went to her house the other day. All you need to do is to mix 1/2 glass of yogurt with 1/2 (or lesser) glass of juice. The juice make the yogurt less creamy and I can drink it again and again without feeling sick of it. Try it, it's easy and it's healthy!!

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