Friday, June 24, 2011

Winter Winter~

I admit that I am a tropical country girl. Many of the Asian students that I met loveeee winter but winter in Australia (Adelaide in particular) is my worst nightmare. Reasons? Yes, heaps!

I'm not too sure how's the heating system in other countries that have winter, but in Australia, apart from companies or shops or shopping malls or hospital (maybe school), there is no central heating system in the houses. They mostly use reverse cycle air conditioner that only install in certain rooms like living room and bedrooms. Some houses (like the one I rent) only have cooling air conditioner for the summer. So I either bundle up myself in layers of jumpers and scarf or buy myself a small portable heater that can only feel the heat when I'm very close to it. (However, choosing the later option will shock you when the electricity comes in the end of the winter. )

My diet change when winter comes. Back in Malaysia or during summer in Australia, I don't really feel like to buy chocolate, cheesecake, banana cake, creamcheese bun... and I don't eat as much. When winter comes, I can eat anything just to keep myself warm. Worse part is chocolate and many other sweets are often on sales in the supermarket during winter (3 packages of Tim Tam for $5!!?). This is why I don't really like to take picture in winter because I get chubby in winter. I know maybe you'll think why don't you just go to gym or do exercise.. here's my next point: Motivation to do exercise in cold weather is low, at least for me. All I wanted to do by the time I reach home from work is to take a hot shower, bundle up in nice warm winter clothes and blanket and don't wanna move at all!! I even hate going to toilet during winter because I have to take my pants off and sit of the cold toilet seat. Hehe...

The rain is gloom and sunshine is happiness. Raining cold winter really effect my mood. After I came to Australia, I can understand why those'white people' love to sit or lay under the sun so much. It doesn't only warm you up, the vitamin D really boots up the mood. (side note: I don't recommend sitting in the bright hot sun at noon time like some of the people do here because that will hasten skin aging.) And yea, every winter I wonder how did I survive the last winter!!!

Anyway, i'm done with complaining about the cold since I can't do anything about it now. Moving to a warmer cities or countries that has better heating system is in my future planning for sure.

Scarf, beanie, gloves,socks and electric hot water bag are the must-have when I'm bed to prevent me from waking up in the middle of night due to coldness!

What can be more enjoyable than soaking your cold feet in nice hot water? One of my favourite to-do thing in winter.


Unknown said...

oh wow. I really hope I can have enough willpower to continue exercising even in the cold. Winter in Southern California was tolerable. Hard to get out of bed but we still went running on most mornings. I think you could too if you just put your mind to it. Sorry it's been excruciatingly cold for you over there. I'll enjoy the sun for you here in Malaysia k? *hugS* :P

Ivy Ting said...

If someone would run with me in the cold winter I wouldnt mind but just by myself? ermm... a bit lack of motivation there. LOL
Yea you better enjoy more of the sun there. Before you know, you will be missing it like what ah~~