Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Anniversary to S+ L

I would like to dedicate this blog post to my lovely sister,Sharon and awesome brother-in-law, Leighton. Two years ago today, Sharon and Leighton tied the knot in Bountiful Temple. It was one of the most beautiful day in my life as my only sister was married to her soul mate for TIME AND ETERNITY. It was the day her 'happily ever after' life begin. It was the day which I would still love to tell people about how amazing it wasn't snowing at all that morning when we entered the temple and 2 hours later, everything was white outside- snowing in the mid-April. Sharon's wish for a winter wedding was granted. For me, I see that as a wedding gift from God to Sharon.

Sharon has always been my favourite sister (of course, she is my only sister. LOL) and one of my best friends. When she told me she was getting married, I felt happy for her and sad for myself. Haha. Because I knew she gonna live in another country far away and we won't be able to go shopping together or heart-to heart-talk all night long till we fall asleep. Most importantly, there would be a man in her life forever!!! But I'm glad that this man is Leighton. I couldn't think of any other guy better than him in her life. HE is the one for HER. I know it has been 2 years but WELCOME to the family again, Leighton!!!

Happy Anniversary Sharon and Leighton!!!

Beautiful wedding 2 years ago...

...still so in love everywhere they go.


sharon said...

Thanks for the lovely post! I am so happy that I have a sister like you. I love you so much! May you meet your soulmate soon. Don't rush, just enjoy every state of your life. BTW, I can't see the pics you posted. I think there's some error. Love you!

Ivy Ting said...

Hmm.. that's odd cause I can see it. I'll try to fix it so you can see.