Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fairy Tales can be Real?

Few days ago, I reread a talk by one of my church leader, President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, titled "Your Happily Ever After". I have read this talk so many times that I lost count. Yes it is this great (At least for me ^^). It is one of those talks that makes me feel inspired, motivated and hopeful every time after reading it.

I always wonder how many girls don't like a 'happily ever after' fairy tale story happen in their lives? I know for sure I DO. Some of you may think: oh come on, wake up, this is real life so stop living in your own fairy tale's world. But hey, we ARE living in our own fairy tales and each has different story to tell. We may be living in a real world and watching all these Disney fairytales cartoons created by the writers in the 'Real World' but the concepts of life are no different from those fairy tales. We are the heroes or heroin in our own stories. We experience the adversities and adventures of lives. And hopefully at the end, we live with our loves one happily ever after. So, how can fairy tale not real when we are living in it? ^.*

In the talk, President Uchtdorf mentioned something that I have never thought about it before:
"For a moment, think back about your favorite fairy tale. In that story the main character may be a princess or a peasant; she might be a mermaid or a milkmaid, a ruler or a servant. You will find one thing all have in common: they must overcome adversity."

I was awakened by what he said. Well, not really awakened from wishing that I live in a fairy tale since I still want that, but awakened from thinking that all these heroines or princesses in the story always get what they want without hardships. But obviously I was wrong! I have neglected their courage and determination to strive for their dreams. Instead, I was only entranced with the romance of the story. I know now that the true beauty of life are to create experiences, take up good opportunities, fight the trials with courage, triumph over adversity and simply enjoy the journey towards my 'happily ever after'.

My all time favourite disney princess.

My new favourite disney cartoon.

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