Monday, March 7, 2011

Come What May

I was talking to a friend regarding our concerns on the nursing registration and I told her that i'm done with worrying too much about it. Whatever come, I'll just accept the fact as long as I know that I have try my best. If the result is not what I expected, then find a solution or alternative way to deal with it. I also mentioned to her that sometimes things come to us when we least expecting them. Well, guess what? Few hours after I told her this, I received an email from AHPRA congratulated me on the approval of my registration to be a nurse and my friend, Ida confirmed that after checking on the AHPRA website for me!! Wow... praise the Lord~ Many have told me that it will take at least 1 or 2 months after the submission of my application to nurses board. I never think that I will hear from the board for another month or so because it has only been 3 weeks since I sent in my application. I would never think this will happen so... erm.. soon?! I know I was suppose to be happy right now that I got my registration. But it also means that I need to leave Malaysia soon. There I was, all ready to stay for at least another 2 months and hoping to hang out with my sister and her husband when they come back for holidays in May. Now, I will need get my arse back to Australia to find a job soon. Hmm.. am I ready for that? Sometimes, when things that we wish for do come to us at the time we least expecting them, we might not be ready to accept them because we have already go with Plan B.
Oh~ life does take an unexpected turn occasionally doesn't it?!


snOwLin said...

so happy for u ivy!! Congrats~
hope to see you soon ya! *hugs*

Unknown said...

Oo?! So the english test thing went through okay and you are back on track on your goal! Congratulations. :)