Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The first day and the last day in Taiwan [videos]

Two precious videos of the beginning and the end of my missions. Watching them again just brought back the amazing memories of those 18 months. Couldn't be more grateful for the people who put them together!

1st night in Taiwan... The mission tradition! The marvelous DAN JONES in one of the busiest night market!

18 months later... saying "so long farewell". 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Taiwan, Taichung mission: LAST letter

​Dear family and friends, 

     Hello everyone ! It was Typhoon week! Yesterday the church was cancelled due to the typhoon day. It wasn't as bad as we thought it would be though. Sister Bell and I stayed in till a little after noon to call some phones and sing hmyns to members and our investigators. Still a spiritual day despite not having church service.         

   Well, as much as I am unwilling to admit that my 18 months of mission has come to an end, I know that it is time for me to go home and apply what I've learnt in life. I will not take this 18 months in vain.
Coming out here I was having this great thought thinking I am going to do great works to help the Lord to save his children and pay back to the Lord for the blessings that He's given me in life. But it is really like what Elder Ballard said in his book: The eternal truth is , you can never do as much as the Lord can do for you. I was so humbling by all the things that I've learnt on my mission especially learn how to trust the Lord more and let His will to be my will. The Lord has given me much more than I gave to his children. I know my own worth as well as others through my service to them. This simple truth: God lives and He loves me enough to sent His son to die for me so that I can return to Him is not just simply a religious statement but something that I know for myself is true. No one can take this testimony away from me. 

     I would like to invite you one last time as a missionary, a representative of Christ, to come unto Him. Regardless if you are a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint or not, we can all come closer to him a little more each day by "having faith in Jesus Christ and His atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the Gift of The Holy Ghost and Endure to the End. " I promised that as we act upon this principles each day, we will feel God's love and peace, we will have strength to face our trials each day. I testify this to be true in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

With love, 
Sister Ting 

Taiwan, Taichung mission: Week 54

Dear family and friends, 

       The weather is starting to cool down a little. It seems like next week will have typhoon here.  

        It has been a great week with good success that the Lord gave us. We are grateful for all the miracles we saw this week. One of them being: We were going to find this potential that both of us are pretty sure she wasn't interested, yet we determine to give it another try. After we prayed and about to walk to her house, we saw this young girl just turned into the alley we were in. From her expression, I felt like she already knows missionary so we went up to talk to her. Turn out she thought we are here to find her because she was taking missionary lesson 2 months ago in TaiDong with the sisters there and that morning she arrive in Tainan back to school again. We also find out she was in our referral system but we couldn't get hold of her for couple time so we forget about her. It was totally God's plan that we were right at where we suppose to be and met her. She is now our investigator with a baptismal goal in October! I know that as we continue to work hard (trying to find that potential again) and use our faith, the Lord truly bless us with in unexpected way.

     Another miracle is Kiki, our beloved investigator finally get permission from her  dad to come to church for 3 hours. She normally only attend 1 hour for the sacrament meeting but this week she came for all 3 hours and the coolest thing is she felt so strongly with the Spirit when we sang the sacrament hymn that she got teary. We told her that's because she felt the Spirit testified to her it is true. 

      Next Thursday we have zone conference and I've been asked to give my reflection of my mision during that time. A little nerveous but know it will be a good time to share what've learnt and get out of this mission. I will share my reflection with you guys next week =)  

Spiritual share: Throughout my whole mission, I not only learned how to embrace awkwardness and make it better, I am also constantly searching ways to balance life. This morning, I have read a talk by a leader in church and I really like what I get out of it. When I go home, I need to make sure I constantly have time for these 4 things to keep my day to day in balance : 1) scripture study 2) exercise 3) bonding time with family and friends 4) missionary work. This is my goal in life now!!!

Love you all, 
Sister Ting

Dinner with our member and her family for Mooncake festival celebration. She desires of her family to learn about the gospel too. 

 This wall is on an alley next to a member house's house. So cool!!!

 One day riding pass this view and realised it's the bridge that near our apartment so quickly stop and take a snap of this beautiful Tainan at night! Not very often get to do this.

​2 of my friends from QiShan came visited me last Sunday. What a great surprised! 

Taiwan, Taichung mission: Week 53

Dear family and friends, 

       Happy Mooncake Festival to all~~! To those we are not sure what this festival is, it's a little like the thanksgiving for the Chinese people. In Taiwan, they will do BBQ and eat mooncake and pomelo to celebrate it. In Malaysia, we will also do the similar thing, in addition to that, we will carry lanterns too.Good memory from childhood. We have been invited to 3 different BBQ for the past 2 days. It was fun to celebrate this significant festival with our Taiwanese members, get to know their family and enjoying the great food. Definitely a great opportunity for missionaries to actually receive member referrals. 

       This week I have a chance to go back to my 2nd area, Qi Shan for an exchange with Sister Eliason. To my surprise, some people (non-member) that we used to associate with for a brief time we were there still remember me and welcome me back to the area after a year. Never have I think that I will leave impression to some of these acquaintances. It keeps me think what have I done in the area that leave them an impression? People might not remember my name or even what I have talked to them about but they always remember the sincere love I showed to them when I associate with them regardless if they accept the gospel or not. I know that for some numbers will definitely be one of the motivation for missionary to work diligently but I want to be a missionary that work diligently because of my love to the Saviour and the gospel and the people. 

       One of our investigator, Kiki has been learning the gospel for the past 7 months. We are so glad that she actually willing to set a baptismal goal at the end of the month. We are really bumped to continue help her and really discern what is her needs. Please pray for her that she will be able to come to 3 hours of church on Sunday because that is her challenge now, that she has to work at her dad's shop and couldn't come to church for full hour. 

Spiritual moment: while reading in D&C 71:8-10, I learn something that I really like: The truth never failed. 

Hope all of you have a great week! Jia you~~ Love, Sister Ting

Here are some pictures: 

This is what the Taiwanese do after peeling the pamelo. 

 Sister Grigg and I on exchanges. eating cream pie on the train. So ggod to see her again.

 Celebrating a member's birthday and also all the birthdays in the next 6 months. Haha

Kiki's mum, summer, she is such a funny and great lady. She saw us passed by their shop and realised we went to the post office so wait for us outside the post office so she can treat us for the famous bean pudding in the area. 

 Last monday we went to the famous tree house in An  Ping Area. It used to be a fort for the Holland army when they were here. It is incredible how the tree can just grow in/over the house.

 Like a scene in the horror movie... eaten by the tree or something.

 Ready to swing like a Tarzan

 BBQ with Kiki's family in the community park. So many family celebrating Mooncake festival together. 

​My favourite duck noodle place in Qishan.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Taiwan, Taichung mission: Week 52

Dear family and friends,

     Happy Independance's Day for Malaysia yesterday~~

 It has been a wonderful week! See so many miracles on exchanges especially seeing the power of prayer with faith really bring down the power Heaven. the 2 exchanges I went on including with my old companion Sister Grigg! Man, it was such a good exchange! So proud to see her leading the area like she has no fear and nothing can stop her. We are both grateful for the time we were together 2 movecalls ago that help us grow so much and used what we've learned in the new companionship and area we serve after that. Having a day to be companion the other day and see the change in ourselves make us wonder what will happen if we are companion again.

   Just want to share a new way of looking at companion after an exchange with Sister Defranchi (from France). She told me that she felt like companion on mission is like a see-able holy Ghost because they are always with you, they comfort you when you are sad, encourage when you are low in spirit, warn you when you are in danger and want to leave you when you are disobedience. I never really think of it that way and that make me cherish my companion even more!

Miracle: So I was on exchange with Sister Defranchi in her area. Since she hope to find more investigators during exchanges, we decided to pray every 30 mins for the whole day and talked with EVERYONE in our path. The first night, we talked to many good people and some were willing to give us their numbers to contact them again when they are 'less busy'. Sister Defranchi was a little disappointed that we didn't see the miracle we want to see by the time we got home. The next morning, before we get out of the door, we prayed that we will be able to find one new investigator together before I went back to my own area. We totally met a self-contact investigator at the church 2 hours before the exchange finished. While we were waiting for a less-active member, we saw this lady riding her scooter into our church and seems a little lost. We asked if we can help her, she said she came back from America couple weeks ago and she saw this church nearby her house and has wanted to find out the opening time so she can come to church! We totally set up a return appointment to meet that afternoon! I know that the Lord hears our prayer that morning and according to our righteous desire and hard work, He gives us that miracle!!

      So, since I was on last movecall, I can call to some of the recent converts (RCs) and close less-active members that I worked with on my mission. On Saturday I found out that Yang Jm, the new covert member I taught in Daya went to the temple to do ordinances for her parents who were deceased. That just make me feel so happy because that was her goal when we taught her-- to help her parents to receive the gospel too.

Lastly, just want to say sorry that I was pretty bad recently in sending pictures home. I got some good pictures in my new SD card BUT today I forgot to bring my camera =(
I promised, I will write less and more pictures next week =)

Love you all,
SIster Ting

Taiwan, Taichung mission: Week 51

Dear family and friends,

​It has been a good week with many tender mercies and miracles on the street contacts and tracting. We found 2 new investigators through tracting. We really worked hard this movecall trying to talk with everyone on the street.  Yes, Sister Bell is great, I learned a lot from her about being calm and hopeful. She is a wonderful missionary. I love Tainan too. It is a great place that has good people everywhere who desire of the truth. Many people here are already Christian due to the Christian history in the area which make it easier to relate to people on the street. The food are very cheap too compared to the north.

One of the highlights of the week was going to see a Kuha'o's musical concert with our investigators. It was such a blessing to be able to go see how talented he was. If any of you hasn't heard of him yet, go to our church website or youtube to check him out. He is a blind 18 years old young man from Hawaii and he can play beautiful piano music. At the concert, he listened to this Taiwanese song that he only heard for the first time in the concert and can play the music straightaway. His grandma shared with us that when Kuha'o was borned, he wasn't expected to live. Yet, through the grace of God and the talented skills of the doctors, he survived. He didn't let his blindness stop him from developing his gift and talents from God. Most importantly,his blindness is a blessing because he just love everyone (since he couldn't see the different of people behaviours or colours.) His example taught us that no matter how difficult life seems to be, our attitude will determine the outcomes.

I really like what I've learned this week in Ether 10:10-11--> Though Morianton being the king of the land trying to ease the burden of the people and do justice to them, of all the goodness he has done, because his many whoredoms, he still cut off from the Lord. Though goodness of the society and other religions can help people to be better yet these goodness changes due to the trend of the society and wisdom of men, they could not bring us salvation unless we do what the Lord wants us to do like the commandments he gave us. Commandments are the goodness from God that will lead us to salvation and exaltation and they never change according to the favor of men. I understand and valued even more the important of restored gospel and words of prophets in our days.

Here are some pictures of this week.

Wish you all have an awesome week~~!!!
With love, SIster Ting

Monday, August 4, 2014

Taiwan,Taichung Mission: last movecall on the mission

Dear family and friends,

        Guess who is moving again for the last movecall? Me~!!! President called me and SIster Worthington on Saturday to tell us that since both of us are going home at the same time, he has to separate us so I have been sent here to Tainan. We figured one of us will move this time but I never expect I will be the one who move especially I just moved to Zhang Hua 6 weeks ago and Sister Worthington has been there for the past 6 months. I was surprised but feel peace with the movecall after saying a prayer. I wasn't sure what does the Lord want me to learn here in Tainan for the last movecall. I am excited though because I have been to Tainan 3 times for exchanges about half year ago, and my companion is Sister Bell. She is from Park City. She is famous for her happy smile and easy going personality. 

       So last week was an eventful week and probably my favourite week since I've been in Zhang Hua. We enjoyed having a duan chuan (temp missionary), Chu JM with us that has strong faith and testimony. My favourite part was doing Dan Jonesing in front of the train station as requested from our duan chuan. It reminded me when we first arrived in Taiwan, we have to do the Dan Jonesing in a busy night market to tell everyone about our testimonies of the gospel on a little stool. 
         This week, our 10 y.o investigator, Jenny had her baptism last Friday. Her mum who was an LA of ours came to church on Sunday for the 1st time after 5 years being less active. Hopefully, her daughter example will influence her mum and they will come to church together every week. It really testified the important of finding family and help them join the church together so they can strengthen each other.

         Another big miracle: Amber finally accept a baptism goal on the 9/27. I'm not sure have I tell you guys about Amber but she is our investigator and has been investigated the church for several months. She told the sisters before that don't give her baptismal goal yet because it will make her feel stress. So the sister missionaries before kind of not wanting to push her for it. But this last movecall, we realised she is ready for a goal and she needs to have something to aim for so that she can progress. We decided to give her a baptism goal before I leave Zhang Hua so there will be a good handover for Sister Worthington and her new companion. We were in tears when Amber finally accept the goal! Not trying to be self righteous or anything but I honestly feel that the Lord sent me to ZhangHua so that I can help Amber progress a little further. 

Well, since we got to Tainan late (member drive us but there was really bad traffic) , we have to cut an hour off from emailing time because it's actually past 6pm. 

Sorry, I still don't have picture from my camera this week because I haven't got my SD got fix. I'll probably buy a new SD card for this movecall if I can't get it fix here. 

Love you guys, have a good week. 

SIster Ting